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Customer Review: Olia Haircolor

Updated on March 2, 2013

I've tried many different haircolor products. After my recent disappointment with haircolor foam, I was a little scared to try another new product. However, the thought of an ammonia-free blonde hair dye piqued my interest. I'm writing this customer review for Olia Haircolor based on my experience with this new hair dye.

There are certain characteristics of many hair dyes that I absolutely hate. I can't stand with a hair dye burns or smells horrible. The foam haircolor was a disaster, because it dried fast and did not thoroughly saturate the hair. Because my natural hair color is brown and I dye my hair blonde, I usually end up with orange hair for a day or two. I accept that I will have orange hair for a bit. I time my haircoloring accordingly so that I don't have to go anywhere for a few days afterwards. However, I've used some dyes that left me with orange hair for a week.

Olia Haircolor Customer Review

I was surprised by my experiences with Olia Haircolor tonight. For those who are unaware of the product, the television commercials explain that the haircolor uses oil rather than harsh chemicals. The scent was mild. I was afraid when the commercial said that it had a floral scent that the scent would be overwhelming. I am not a fan of floral scents. However, the scent was not strong at all.

For the most part, the haircolor went on rather easily. The only issue that I had with applying the haircolor was that the container that holds the dye is round. I had some problem gripping the bottle, because it would slip in my hand. I think a better design for the container would be like a rounded square or something with some angles.

The hair dye was white and thick when applied. It was easy to saturate my hair. The dye was not runny at all. Because of the very light color, I thought I might have to leave it on my hair for a long time, but the instructions called for thirty minutes.

At the end of the thirty minutes, I rinsed my hair. The dye rinsed easily, but my hair felt extremely dry after rinsing. That was a little scary. However, after I used the after coloring hair conditioner that comes with the haircolor, my hair did not feel dry.

I dried my hair and braced myself to see orange hair in the mirror. To my surprise, my hair was not orange at all. Now many some of you are like, "Duh! No ammonia means no orange!" I don't know if that's why my hair isn't orange right now, but I was pleasantly surprised by seeing blonde hair instead of carrot orange.

Another surprise was that the color of my hair looks natural with different shades of blonde. It's not that single tone color that looks so fake. In this customer review Olia Haircolor, I have to say that I have every intention of staying with this haircolor.

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