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Cute Crocs Shoes for Summer

Updated on May 9, 2013
The new Crocs are fabulous!
The new Crocs are fabulous!

Remember the time when Crocs used to be the ugliest shoe on the street? Well, these days are over!

Discover the new Crocs shoes and sandals for summer: as lightweight and comfy as Crocs shoes had ever been, but now they're pretty too!

Flats and flip-flops and wedges for women, Crocs come in bright fun colors, great designs and are finally fashion-forward! Yeah, they got it right!

No more bulky Crocs! You can get a Different style!

Don't like the good old bulky Crocs style? Now you have more choices!
Don't like the good old bulky Crocs style? Now you have more choices!

♥ Crocs Wedges ♥

If you like just a bit of lift in your summer footwear, these Crocs are great!

Offering a medium-height wedge heel, these shoes are all about comfort and aking your foot feel great without compromising the style!

Pro tip: If you wear a black-colored shoe, no one can tell it's Crocs!

Practical and comfy - Patricia wedge sandal

Stylish Carliana wedge with semi-transparent straps

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♥ Crocs Ballet Flats ♥

For the girl who likes to feel the ground she walks on, these ballet flats by Crocs offer a great deal of comfort in a variety of sweet looks!

Translucent flats are adorable, breezy and don't add any bulk to your feet. Not just for the beach - you can wear these to the office and no-one will be the wiser.

Pro tip: all types of Crocs flats are available in a variety of cute summery colors!

Adrina flats with adorable circle design

Elegant and versatile Carlie flat

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♥ Crocs Sandals ♥

Crocs sandals are the shoe for the beach, or just for casual stroll outside.

Equipped with semi-translucent plastic straps that'll keep your foot secure, these Crocs are lightweight and comfy. The sandals will survive water and sand like any other plastic shoe, but oh, they look so much better!

Nostalgic for your childhood jelly shoes? This is the adult version, with style!

Really Sexi Sandal is minimalistic and revealing

Translucent cuteness with this Adrina Strappy Sandal

What's your favorite Crocs shoe?

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