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Cute, Fashionable Outfits for Middle School Girls

Updated on December 27, 2017
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Sheila's a children's author who loves fashion trends from the wellness industry. She enjoys sharing fabulous style tips with you!

Middle school girls look stylish in the hottest trends, even if, they add animal parts to their clothes.
Middle school girls look stylish in the hottest trends, even if, they add animal parts to their clothes. | Source

Where to Find Stylish Clothes for Middle School Girls?

Cute, stylish outfits for middle school girls are classically found in department stores, such as Macy's. At least, the better-quality teen and children's clothesline the racks there, though their prices aren't as expensive as other designer clothing stores like Bloomingdale's or Lord and Taylor’s, for example. However, your parents will want to compensate for quality clothes that wear and wash easily! Clothes you love to wear often and are comfortable are what you want! Of course, you'll love wearing good-looking clothes that last, until you grow out of them without ripping or fading. This is serious news, girls!

You Can Mix and Match Your Clothes to Create Cool New Looks!

Girls you can mix and match your outfits to create cool new looks! There are certain things that will not look good on you, like pantyhose. Pantyhose is truly an adult undergarment, or else, you should wear leotards, spandex or socks! Tights in various colors look awesome with skirts, dresses, and Capri's or shorts, and so do lengthy socks and Bobby socks.

If you wear a lively and colorful skirt, match it with a solid-color blouse or sweater to reckon a preppy attitude. The same works for printed blouses. It’s paramount to break a solid pant or skirt with either knee-high socks or leotards. Forget the ripped jeans and holy blouses. Such clothes are tasteless fads. They expose parts of the body in a tasteless mode and invite students to judge you needlessly. Who desires that? It's best to look conservative and put together and not like someone who is chasing every wind. A school uniform is fine once you appear neat and clean with shiny shoes.

Pass your sneakers for gym day, and when you're playing a competitive sport or going on a school trip.

The Children's Place Little Girls' Uniform Long Sleeve Polo Dress, Tidal 44394, S/5/6
The Children's Place Little Girls' Uniform Long Sleeve Polo Dress, Tidal 44394, S/5/6

97% Nylon/3% Metallic


Machine Wash

Three-quarter sleeve allover lace dress with floral pattern featuring belted waist and scoop-neckline

Layered hemline

Zipper closure on back


I Believe Loafers Are Trendier Than Sneakers.

Loafers and leather wedges look particularly trendy and well-groomed in place of sneakers for special occasions! Right away, I know you love to wear sneakers, because, they are so painless and comfortable to put on! Gym shoes are best when worn on dress down days, although, not if you’d rather appear sparkling, and hip on regular school days!

Printed patterns in girls' clothes are huge, so is lace. They go well with just about anything you can mix and match! They’re quite trendy and make a chic style statement, especially when you lay on a matching tight.

You can show off your solid tinted skirts and printed blouses with colorful belts and ribbons. It's extremely modish to mix different textures of clothing, like corduroy pants and skirts with a cotton blouse, with wool blends or a cashmere sweater. It's best to leave satin and silk or organza attire for a school shindig, or family outing!

Girls pants are hot, except make sure they are not too tight. Skinny jeans are not comfortable cause they will cause you to perspire. Besides there difficult to put on.

Pink Jeans with Matching Shoes Are Sizzling!

Pink jeans are sizzling for girls’ wear and look grand with just about any color sweater, blouse or tee-shirt, except salmon rose. Wearing a complete rose-colored outfit will appear too eccentric! To complete your attire you’ll have to wear pink shoes as well since any other color shoe will make your outfit woefully conspicuous.

I’m pretty certain you won’t like a flat-out pinkish look! It’s best to smash-up your striking gaze by mixing it with either bright or somber tones and nice-looking accessorize with modest fine jewelry made of real gold and silver.

The same trick goes for wearing colorless colors like black, gray or brown! You’ll appear standoffish wearing an all-black outfit like a black denim with an overcast blouse, sweater, tight, and shoes with a dim wool coat and knitted hat.

Almost Famous Little Girls' Glitter Knit Pant, Pink Fresh, 5
Almost Famous Little Girls' Glitter Knit Pant, Pink Fresh, 5

57% Cotton/38% Polyester/5% Spandex


Machine Wash

Button closure

Five-pocket styling

Signature waistband patch

This glittery French terry skinny jean features rhinestone button detailing.


You Can Bust Up Grave Colored Clothes with Brighter Hues.

You’ll want to bust grave colors like dark blue, brown or gray with brighter hues. You could match a brown ankle skirt with a colorful blouse or a sweater. Unless for a day or two you choose to dress in a Gothic Aristocrat mode to create a bold style statement. Even then it’s essential to wear eye-catching frills on your garbs. You can break the somber Gothic undertone with a white or purple-blue blouse, or red shoes for instance.

Another thing to watch out for is the length of your frocks and skirts girls! Any length above or below the knee by four inches or more will make you come across awfully far ahead of your prime and exceptionally mature.

If you decide to wear a ball gown to school make sure it covers well. Even then, no one wears an evening attire to school every day, unless it’s a special-occasion, reminiscent of your prom night or the spectacular debut of a school play?

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Outfits for Middle School

© 2013 Sheila Craan


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  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

    Great tips for looking your best in middle school. I love your caution to stay away from black as a fashion statement.