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Cute Nursing Shoes

Updated on October 21, 2012

While the “sexy nurse” is still very much a part of the male fantasy, today’s nurses don’t dress terribly sexy. And that’s fine. But some women still want to feel like women while they’re at work – as long as they don’t have to sacrifice comfort or practicality. And when it comes to nursing, practicality has to take precedence, regardless. That said, one shouldn’t assume this means she has to look dowdy or go flat-footed around the hospital, clinic or what-have-you. Just as there are several options available for scrub dresses, there are several options available for shoes that go nicely with them. And some of the best in the business come from the most famous of them of them all – Nurse Mates.

The Tessa from Nurse Mates

These are my favorite. They give you the highest lift that’s still manageable in emergency situations. You can run over tiles and the rubber soles will keep you from sliding all over the place. You can also climb in and out of an ambulance without having to worry about twisting your ankle on the landing. They’re stain resistant, and they come in either black or white. The heel is 2”.

The Terry from Nurse Mates

These run a close second to the Tessa and are pretty much the same model; they just look a bit less loafer-ish. Again, a 2” heel, but manageable as previously described with the Tessa. I haven’t seen these in black, but I suppose it’s possible. But, honestly, who wears black nursing shoes?

The Sophy from Nurse Mates

This one’s a bit less trendy and therefore a bit more popular. The heel is just as high, however, at 2”. They have EVA bottoms and a rubber outsole, so they’re just as easy to run around in. If you’d like some lift in your step but feel the first two styles are risqué for nursing, this is for you.

The Amber from Nurse Mates

If 2” sounds like too much, you could always go with the Amber. This still has a 1” heel – which means you’ll still have a bit of height. This shoe slips on, but has the trendy buckle to add a bit of style. Very cute, very feminine, but still practical.


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