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Cute St. Patricks Day Scrubs

Updated on October 22, 2012

Whether Irish or not, most Americans enjoy dressing up for St. Patrick's Day, even if it's only to wear a little bit of green. I always wanted to dress for it when I was a kid, but I've never owned anything green. Not that I can recall. And back when I wore scrubs every day, specialized prints were quite uncommon, apart from Christmas. But If I were still wearing them today, I'd definitely get me a St. Paddy's Day scrub top! If you're a nurse, lab tech, phlebotomist, other type of healthcare worker -- or even someone who just likes to bum around the house in scrubs because they're so comfy -- you can make the most of the holiday by getting you a St. Patty's Day scrub top. Check out these styles; you're sure to love one of them, if not all of them!

Clover Patch Scrub Top

This very, very cute crossover scrub top from Tafford is perfect for St. Patrick's Day. Whether you work in Pedi, Geriatrics or L&D, this will suit any floor and brighten your patients' day. Two big pockets in the front, and a lovely feminine style -- what's not to love?

The quilting theme is prefect for those of you into crafting, and the colors are subdued enough that they won't turn too many heads, but lovely enough that you're sure to get complimented!

Sheer Luck Scrub Top

Another St. Patrick's Day scrub top from Tafford, this Sheer Luck scrub top is a bit more vibrant. If neon colors and head turning are your thing, this is the top for you! Those greens are simply gorgeous! The crossover style is feminine and sexy and modern, while the print itself is sure to bring cheer into the work environment, no matter where you are. Teenagers and kids are especially sure to smile when they see you wearing it.

St. Patrick's Day Parade Top

The St. Patrick's Day Parade top is made by Uniform Advantage, and it's perfect for those of you who want something toned down but festive. Covered in pretty hues of green, each St. Patrick's day balloon has a shamrock inside. This makes it appeal to kids, but it's subtle enough for even the grown-uppist of people admire it. In fact, it's subtle enough that you could wear it year round. The scrub style is traditional, with two front pockets at the waist.

Lucky Leprechaun Scrub Top

This Lucky Leprechaun scrub top from Uniform Advantage is the perfect top for the pediatric practitioner. If you're a nurse who works in a pediatric office or on a pedi ward, or even if you're a dental hygienist who works in a practice with kids, your patients are going to love this when they see it. Everyone loves a Leprechaun, and even your older patients will have to smile at your seasonal enthusiasm. This is a very fun and playful scrub top, sure to brighten up everyone's St. Patrick's Day!


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