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Short Inspirational Tattoo Quotes for Girls

Updated on June 29, 2016

Short Tattoo Quotes for Girls

Catchy phrases, short quotes, jewelry designs and two-word tattoo quotes are the super hot trend among modern girls. Girls with tattooed legs and wrists, but not just any motives, but the trendiest, as you can imagine.

Flowers, bracelets, artwork, strings of pearls, boyfriend sketches, chains, lace and essential symbols in different languages on ribs, wrist, arms, feet, neck, and back are the latest fashion trend among all stylish girls in the United States and all western countries.

Inspirational Love Tattoo quotes for girls:

  1. I am no-where but in your heart.
  2. You cannot stop the flood of my love.
  3. Sandy storm of my love is on the way.
  4. Let me teach you the ABC of my heart.
  5. My arms await you with warmth and love, but you're never near me to give you a hug.
  6. My heart is brighter than the full moon.
  7. You can see your name on page 37 of my heart.
  8. I could love you weird.
  9. My face and my heart continue to break.
  10. A Facebook cover cannot cover my love.
  11. Don’t give me special feelings.
  12. Without you, I was a disaster. Baby, it's true, without you there's no laughter.
  13. You are my rock to everything and that will never change
  14. Let's scream from a mountaintop.
  15. Stress makes me mean and ungrateful.
  16. As long as I have you, I'm happy.
  17. Your gentle touch is my favorite diamond ring.
  18. My heart hurts, my soul cries and all I can do is to look at the sky.
  19. I feel like a million things run through my head.
  20. I can't keep living on empty promises and broken dreams.
  21. Now I feel the a little more whole, I feel more ready.
  22. Life isn't easy even if we wish it was, but it never will be.
  23. I want nothing but mad LOVE.
  24. No matter if I have been heart broken I still believe in the magic of Love until this day.
  25. My love for you is beyond my human nature.
  26. It's so sad how only a few people still truly believe in love.
  27. If you miss a falling star I'll catch it for you and keep it in my heart.
  28. We stole each other's hearts; the lover's crime.
  29. There's so much more positive in the life.
  30. You don't know anything about her until you know her life story, put together the pieces, and understand why she is the way she is. Don't judge unless you've walked in someone else's shoes. There's more behind closed doors that you can't even begin to understand.
  31. Life is too short, regret is long, take the bad with the good and just move on.
  32. As long as you're trying, I'm staying.
  33. I miss the quiet nights, the breezes, stars, and birds.
  34. Your love got me into danger again.
  35. Being patient for something you really want can be extremely hard, I understand, and sometimes we think if we are ever going to get it, but I tell you what we can do, distract ourselves from doing things we love.

  36. You don't hit me up so I have no real reason for you in my life.
  37. I sometimes wonder if you are real or just a dream.
  38. My love for you is hoping to extract your attitude and replace it with gratitude.
  39. You are much stronger than you think and you find out just how strong the moment you are forced to be.
  40. I believe in fighting for a relationship, but I don't believe in fighting for it alone.
  41. No matter what I went through. No matter what I go through, no matter what's happening in this world, I will still remain faithful to you.

Girly Tattoo quotes ideas

Cute Tattoo Quotes for Girls
Cute Tattoo Quotes for Girls

Motivational Tattoo Quotes for Girls

  1. I hate it when people copy me and overuse it.
  2. I don't care around anymore stay or leave they're no in-betweens.
  3. I can't keep holding on to something that will never happen.
  4. You'll lose everything and honestly I won't stop until you're gone.
  5. Turn your wounds into power.
  6. I'm about to disappoint a load of people.
  7. Be mine please even though it's really complicated.
  8. I don't want to follow anything I just want to sleep.
  9. Trust me the sooner you move on, the happier you will be.
  10. You need to see what everyone else sees in you and trust me it's not ugly.
  11. Does someone get in a fake relationship with me?
  12. I'm learning to get on with my life but I still let someone important go too.
  13. You must or you will be sad all of the times.
  14. I want to fall in love again and obsess over someone who will only want me.
  15. You're a joke and I'm laughing.
  16. Go to make them laugh so they fail to remember you’re ugly.
  17. I'm not the one trying to talk like the queen.
  18. Before dying, I would like to see my name written on your hands.
  19. Leave that nonsense you're embarrassing yourself.
  20. Stop using the words "kill yourself" or I'm going to kill myself.
  21. How does it feel being single again?
  22. But you're a high heel and he prefers flip flops.
  23. I seriously know who's real and who's fake now.
  24. They'll continue breaking you until you feel nothing but pain and misery.
  25. Shout out to all the girls who are getting ignored because of the super bowl game, I feel your pain.
  26. Keep going and I'll make sure your ex is gone for good.
  27. I actually smile to everyone but I just hate smiling in pictures.
  28. I just messed my mood up by over thinking.
  29. Facebook don't tell me how to untag you from my heart.
  30. I miss you so ignored me again.
  31. I wouldn't get involved if I were you.
  32. I wish my family would understand me instead of trying to fix me by taking me to the doctors.
  33. I know I am a cutie with no makeup.
  34. You don't have anything else better to do with your pathetic life.
  35. Death is the only thing that could have kept me from you.
  36. It feels like you ignore me sometimes.
  37. Your obsession with me is bad for your health.
  38. Loving someone doesn't make them deserve you.
  39. I'm sick of pretending to be someone I'm not.
  40. I will be waiting for you even if you don't want to talk.
  41. He doesn't love himself that's why he's always hurting you.
  42. If you were a gas, I'd breathe you in all day.
  43. Reasons to date me? Absolutely none!
  44. I like a guy that speaks his mind.
  45. I will keep you in my life because losing you means losing myself.
  46. Girls need to stop over lining their lips because I'm scared of clowns.
  47. I don't know what's wrong with me today.
  48. Beauty has no boundaries.
  49. Guys have a habit of leaving me as soon as I fall for them.
  50. I like guys with attitudes and some reason they all turn into the yes dear type.

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Funny Tattoo Quotes and Sayings

  • So I'm mad and I wasn't the first.
  • I love the smell of every breakup.
  • I'm ready to just drink everything away.
  • Stop judging me before you look yourself in your mirror.
  • Keep calm and get your own tattoo.
  • Keep calm and let this monster take arrest.
  • If you know me, what's my real name?
  • I am like an arrow-head flying away from the bow thread.
  • Keep calm and hug a hello kitty pillow.
  • I have a poem in my head about suicide and I am scared to write it.

Note: - You are welcome to design your own tattoo these tattoo quotes on your body parts and post your cool tattoo pictures on Tumblr, Facebook or Pinterest.


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    • profile image

      Pablo Lopez 

      4 years ago

      I never go there is always a heart ... you were never much always in my heart

    • profile image

      Princess P 

      4 years ago

      I know he/she did you wrong....but you have to let it go... if you don't... you will look in the mirror and it may seem you are getting older...but really you are stuck in time...

    • profile image

      Taylor Cheney 

      5 years ago

      I really want to design a tattoo for someone. Give me your idea and I will come up with something. Free of course. Just want some design practice and tattoos are always fun.

    • Quoteslover profile imageAUTHOR

      Quotes Lover 

      5 years ago

      You are right dear.

    • my_girl_sara profile image

      Cynthia Lyerly 

      5 years ago from Georgia

      I still don't understand this tattoo fad. We go through so many seasons in our lives. Tattoos can be a painful reminder that is impossible to fully remove. Fad for the next 10 years: tattoo removal.

      Find a different, non-permanent way to be creative and express yourself.


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