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Ways to wear a cute fedora hat with any hair style

Updated on February 4, 2012

Yes, you can wear one too...

Who doesn't love a pretty girl in a guy's hat?

So cute.There are so many ways you can wear a fedora. Whether you're the girl with the short hair and the fedora, or you have long hair in a side pony or a straight pony with a fedora, a rat knot or a traditional bun with a fedora.....the ways to wear it are endless.

To me, nothing is more adorable than a gal in a cute dress with leggings and boots in the winter wearing a wool fedora and chandelier earrings OR a really cute sundress in spring and a straw fedora.

I take liberties with my hats and adorn them with pins, ribbons, scarves, feathers or flowers....I tilt them this way and that way...they are too cute! I love hats, can you tell?

As far as colors, I started with the, gray and white. Later, I added a plaid and a hot pink. I own two other types of hats as well. I have a classic black cloche that I wear for more formal events or with suits and a few wide brimmed straw hats to wear in the summer with a bikini or sundress.

I keep my hair very simple when wearing a hat. My hair is short now, so all that's needed is some molding putty and a side part. If I remove my hat at some point, I can run my damp hands through it to remove the hat mark if there is one. When my hair was loinger, I would pull it into a very smooth, straight or side pony. When the hair is pulled fairly tight, the hat shouldn't leave a mark in your hair.

Below are some of my favorite places to find fedora's:

C'mon and live a little.....a fedora is fun!

Five cute hairstyles to wear with a fedora


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    • profile image

      fedoralover 3 years ago

      The fedora is a great fashion addition. I m great fan of fedora hat specially the one that i have bought from . I m big fan of fedora . All time my favourite

    • profile image

      Kate 5 years ago

      Loved this video! And I LOVED #'s 4&5! Thanks for sharing!