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Best Perfumes For Men And Women

Updated on October 4, 2015
D&G Perfume
D&G Perfume

D&G Perfume Reviews

Dolce and Gabbana (D&G) is one of the best men and women fashion houses in the world. The company has many beauty and fashion product lines but this article tackles one of them; D&G light blue perfumes. D&G light blue is basically a floral fragrance which is light in a powder blue box. If you are in search of the perfect perfume fragrance then light blue is worth considering like I have said for Versace perfumes. This wonderful from Dolce and Gabbana is a combination of flowers and fruity notes like bluebells, jasmine, bamboo, apple and white rose. D&G is without doubt one of the top selling perfumes in the beauty stores and there could be a reason why it is valued in such a way by consumers who are normally less likely to stay with a particular kind of perfume brand for so long. The competition in the fragrances market is intense and only products which are trusted by consumers can survive and D&G light blue has just done that.

Launched in the year 2001, this perfume brand is popular among many people of many nationalities across the world. This fantastic fragrance comes in many different sizes and colors and I’m sure you will be spoilt for choice when shopping for a perfume.

D&G makes many scents for men
D&G makes many scents for men

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D&G Light Blue Reviews

When buying yourself a D&G Light Blue perfume, it is important that you know the facts from fiction and get to know better of this fragrance and to determine whether it may suit your needs or not. you probably want to get value for your money and purchase a perfume that suits your needs and that works as promised. If you want to know an honest and genuine review about dolce and Gabbana light blue perfume read on and I’m sure you will be in a good position to buy or not to buy once you finish reading this review of this perfume brand that is used by many people (men and women).

The D&G Light Blue perfume is popular among many people who have used it and there is a reason behind their belief in the functioning and performance of this particular fragrance. Of course different perfumes have their good and bad sides and D&G Light Blue is included here. But what is important and that should be a consideration and determining factor in regards to buying a perfume is, how far does its good side outweigh the negative side? As for D&G perfume I (having used it) has a much respect for it.

It's citrusy and fresh and is far from being those fragrances that are well known and notorious for their acidic nature and burning sensation.

The D&G fragrance is also a top pick for the hotter seasons. Different brands of perfumes are made for different seasons and that is why you will see a particular fragrance that works during the summer may not work in the winter. During the summer we normally wear light clothes because of the warm climatic conditions and these calls for lighter fragrances. The D&G light blue best works during the hotter seasons when strong fragrances don’t work.

Of course it is not the sexiest of the fragrances but I believe it is not far from the top picks when it comes to buying. It is clean and above all appealing to the senses in so many ways and that could probably be a reason why so many people fall in love with it when they see this fragrance.

Light blue has a fantastic scent that few other perfumes can match. Not only is the scent sweet smelling but is also the sort that lasts longer. In other words it doesn’t go away easily with the wind and once you wear it stays for longer hours. Staying longer in your body means you will not apply it frequently and this means it will last longer and hence preventing you from incurring costs very often.

D&G produces many incredible perfumes for women of all ages
D&G produces many incredible perfumes for women of all ages


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