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DHC Extra Concentrate anti-aging serum -- A review

Updated on July 30, 2010

Hydration is the secret to healthy looking skin

 As we age, our skin develops certain characteristics.  Some people begin to see wrinkles.  Others may have an overall dullness and dry look and feel to the skin.  Spots can develop and blotchy patches which give the skin an uneven appearance.  When these changes occur in the face, it can be distressing to see your face taking on this new appearance.  The hormonal changes that occur with menopause also affect the look and feel of the skin.  Almost overnight, the skin may go from being oily or normal to being dry. 

Good hydration is the foundation of a healthy skin regimen.  The facial skin has glands which make oil and sebum, a waxy substance to hold moisture in the skin.  But these become less active over time.  There are several good moisturizers on the market, made by a number of companies which specialize in this line of products.  There are also masks, exfoliators and hydrating soaps and cleansers.  A newer line of product is the facial serum, a concentrated formula intended to spot treat difficult areas or to treat the skin overall.  One such product is DHC company's Extra Concentrate. 

Extra Concentrate is a product that contains collagen, royal jelly, oat kernel extract, wheat protein and other ingredients to nourish the facial skin.  The product comes in individual vials with a twist off top.  Each vial is expected to last a week and the box contains five vials, so the product should last five weeks.  However, this writer found that the vials last longer than a week. 

Every woman is beautiful

Good skin care keeps your beauty shining through.
Good skin care keeps your beauty shining through.
Healthy skin looks good at any age.
Healthy skin looks good at any age.
Healthy and nourished skin has a glow.
Healthy and nourished skin has a glow.
Healthy skin comes from good habits and good products.
Healthy skin comes from good habits and good products.

The product lives up to its claims

Extra Concentrate is promoted as a product that will plump and firm the skin. It also is presented as a way to reduce the signs of 'environmental damage', the effects of UV sunlight and wind.

I have to admit, I was skeptical about the product and its ability to live up to these claims. However, on the product website, the users gave it enthusiastic reviews. Some even stated that they "couldn't live without it." That stimulated my curiosity and so I purchased the product to try it out for myself.

The vials each contain a clear liquid with no odor. As mentioned above, although the product and the website and brochure information says one vial will last a week with twice daily usage, I found that it lasted longer, closer to ten days. The liquid was not greasy or sticky. It has a consistency that is just slightly thicker than water. You apply the liquid to your hands and then to your face. It is intended to be used after washing the face and applying toner. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves no residue. You can apply whatever moisturizer, makeup or sunscreen you wish after using the product.

Of course, the foundation for healthy looking skin is healthy habits.  Drinking lots of water, avoiding excessive sugar and fat in the diet, avoiding smoking and excess alcohol, exercising and learning to control stress go a long way to helping your skin look its best.  In addition, there are genetic factors that will play a role.  Some of us have healthy skin built into the genetic code.  Others have to work at it a little harder.  But even with good genes, if you abuse your skin it will eventually show.  And even if you have a head start on the rest of us, you have to maintain your advantage.  Good habits plus good care and good products will keep you looking beautiful for years.

I found that this product lives up to its claims. After about a week, I felt a firming effect on the skin and my skin was visibly healthier looking and brighter by the time I was on the second vial. It does not completely eliminate wrinkling but it does reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This is a good product and highly recommended for people who want to nourish mature skin.


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