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DIY 4 Ingredient Body Butter (Vanilla & Cinnamon)

Updated on March 5, 2016


This body butter DOES have scents of Vanilla & Cinnamon.
The scent CAN be compared to that of a cinnamon roll.
Please, I ask you all...

DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT take a chunk out of your own arm, when wearing this.
You WILL still taste like a human being. & You WILL be highly disappointed.

& Now that I feel that I have done my part, as far as potentially saving the lives of many of my
precious blog readers... We can now move on to the recipe! ;)


Homemade Vanilla & Cinnamon Body Butter


  • 1 c. Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil
  • 1 c. Pure Unrefined Shea Butter
  • 1 tbsp. Jojoba Oil
  • Essential Oil (for this recipe, 25 drops of Vanilla & 15 drops of Cinnamon)
    *you may add more or less essential oil drops. adjust to your likings


  1. Place all ingredients (minus the essential oils) into a double boiler (on med to high heat). Once ingredients begin to melt,
    stir continuously until completely melted. Remove from heat, and allow to cool for about five minutes.
  2. Place bowl of melted ingredients into your refrigerator and allow to harden until completely solid. (This could take anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the temperature of your refrigerator)
  3. Once ingredients are in solid form, remove from refrigerator.
    Using a stand mixer or hand mixer with the whisk attachment, whisk the hardened mixture until it takes on a whipped consistency. (about 1-5 minutes of whisking)
  4. Add in your essential oils towards the end of your whisking.
  5. Your body butter is now complete! Simply scoop out of your mixer and into your favorite container.


I welcome comments and even constructive criticism on my recipes.
Please feel free to share your thoughts on this recipe and please, by all means,
let me know if you liked it!

Until next time,
I'm Melissa. Your Health, Wellness, & Happiness blogger.
Take care. :)


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