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DIY : Cute Floral Shorts

Updated on July 29, 2017

Getting Started

I woke up this Saturday morning and noticed I didn't like my outfit for the beach. My clothes were blan, had no summer vibe in them, and were lacking color!

This is what I did, I used scissors, some old fabric, and a needle with white thread. I cut out the floral and easily stitched it on to different parts of my shorts. The result was a fresh and vibrant new pair of denim shorts with bright detail!

I grabbed an old pair of shorts that I thought I could add a bit of an embellishment too..and this is what happened!

My simple pair of shorts were already ripped and had the distressed look going, but considering nothing is never enough for me I decided to add EXTRA detail to my look.

I had a material that was on the thicker side and I hadn't found any other use for it so I decided to cut out the floral print and sew it on to my shorts. To be honest it was very tedious and it took me a good 5 minutes to loop the string on to the needle. I wanted to throw the shorts back in my closet after I finished stitching the first flower on to the pocket. I decided that would look uneven and lame so I pushed through my laziness and cut out 2 more flowers!

The other two flowers were for the other pocket and one for the back pocket on the shorts, watch below to see how it turned out!

Let me know if you have created something similar. I would love to watch!

DIY Floral Shorts


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