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DIY Hair: 10 Blue Hair Color Ideas

Updated on January 2, 2016

If you're looking for some awesome ways to dye your hair blue, you've come to the right place! But unlike many other pages with ideas, I'm here to actually tell you what dyes to use to get the color in the pictures below.

Many of these will require a bleaching or two first - especially the Bad Boy and Ice Blue ones. Blue hair dye is touchy - you want to get your hair as white and ashy-toned as possible, to minimize the green tones that come with dying. In other words: when you mix blue and yellow, you get green. And it's not always cute.

Along with bleaching, you'll want to be sure to deep condition your hair. I suggest massaging in coconut oil before bleaching, and applying the bleach right on top of it. Afterwards, be sure to add conditioner to keep your hair moisturized. I have a spray mixture that I always put on damp hair after showering. In the spray, I've got about a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of shea butter, a teaspoon of vitamin E oil, and about two tablespoons of water.


1. Manic Panic Bad Boy Blue

This sky-blue tone can be achieved with Manic Panic's Bad Boy Blue. Your hair must be bleached and toned to the lightest platinum blonde for the dye to come out blue instead of green!


2. La Riche Lagoon Blue

If you're into an ice blue loon, try mixing 1/2 teaspoon of La Riche's Lagoon Blue with about 3/4 cups conditioner. This should be sufficient in covering a whole head of hair. Make sure you're using white conditioner, to keep the blue nice and clean!


3. Pravana & Joico Blues

Put together two mixtures for this look - the first with equal parts of Joico's Sapphire Blue and Cobalt Blue. The second mixture, add two parts Pravana Neon Blue and one part Pravana Blue.

Apply the Joico mixture from root to halfway down, and then the Pravana mixture to the ends. Use the Pravana Mixture on every other section, from the roots to the ends.


4. Manic Panic Steel Blue

This is a great color for those of you who want something a little more muted. It's best to start with an already lightened, ashy blonde for the blue to pick up. Bleach and tone and use purple shampoo to achieve the lightest ash blonde you can. Then, apply Manic Panic's Steel Blue for this beautiful result!


5. Pravana Blues

Guy Tang used six different Pravana colors to create this style... Don't be afraid to mix dyes! He used three different mixtures:

  1. Pravana Blue & Pravana Blissful Blue
  2. Pravana Violet & Pravana Lavender
  3. Pravana Green & Pravana Mint


6. Manic Panic Shocking Blue

I used this hair dye myself, and it was bright and vibrant for about two weeks - then it started to fade to purple and later, pink. I loved the color, and the dye made my hair feel much better after several bleaches.


7. Pravana Blissful Blue and Vivid Blue

This combination of blues blends together Blissful Blue of Pravana's pastel line, and Vivid Blue from the Pravana Chromasilk Vivids. Use the vivid blue from the roots to halfway down, and the pastel blue to color from the middle down to the ends.


8. Manic Panic Bad Boy Blue (on blonde hair)

The first photo on this list shows how Bad Boy Blue turns out on platinum, white-blonde hair. This photo, on the other hand, shows how the dye will turn out on a darker blonde hair. The golden and yellow tones in the blonde make the dye appear as more of a seafoam green than a bright blue when applied. If you're looking for a more green-toned blue, there's no need to bleach your hair white.


9. Manic Panic Enchanted Forest

For a deeper blue-green, try using Manic Panic's Enchanted Forest dye. This is a great option for people with darker hair that do not want to bleach.


10. Joico Cobalt Blue

Use Joico's Color Intesnsity Cobalt Blue on the bottom half of your hair to get this dark blue ombre. A light bleach may be necessary to pick up the color.


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    • profile image


      5 months ago


      Me too! Lol.

    • Jenniferveeder profile image


      11 months ago from Toronto

      Was confused at fist reading since the pic is usually under the headliners. I was reading manic panic thinking .. whaaa how do you get three colours with one. Then I kept scrolling and realized it was underneath the picture lol.

    • Maria Asghar profile image

      Maria Asghar 

      24 months ago

      Nice work friend


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