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DIY Hair: 10 Pink Hair Color Ideas

Updated on January 3, 2016

So you want pink hair? Take a look at these 10 different tints, tones, and shades to help in your decision making process! The difference between this article and many others is that I have done the research to tell you what ACTUAL dyes to use to get there.

Some of these looks will need some prepping before they can be obtained. What I mean is, you may have to bleach before you can dye. If that's the case, take it slow. Use a lower volume developer, so as to not turn your hair into spaghetti. Bleach over a period of time, with deep conditions and hair masks in between.

Don't bother wasting loads of money on pre-manufactured hair masks that're loaded with chemicals; if you've got extra virgin olive oil in the house, you're golden. Heat it up so it's warm to the touch, and then massage it into your scalp. Work the warm oil throughout your hair and leave it in as long as possible - I suggest at least half an hour - before washing it out. Having super colorful hair isn't fun when it's dry and breaking off.

Without further ado, here are ten ways to go pink!


1. Pravana Vivids Fierce Magenta

This magenta hue was created by mixing several Pravana Vivids colors - Red, Hot Pink, Wild Orchid, and a touch of Intense Violet Brown. To mix, I'd start with a base of Hot Pink, and add other colors slowly to the mixture until the desired tone is reached.

Remember, only a bit of Intense Violet Brown would be necessary - and you may not even feel the need to use it at all. If you're trying to save a few bucks, I'd skip it altogether.


2. Pravana and Joico Wild Rose

This color is a little more complex to achieve, if you want to capture the depth and variability of the tones. The look requires three mixtures:

  1. Joico Indigo and Hot Pink, equal parts
  2. One part Joico Indigo to three parts Pravana Rose
  3. Joico Hot Pink

Modern Salon tells us to use mixture 1 near the roots, to about halfway down the head. Next, blend down to the ends using mixture 3 on most sections, and mixture 2 on remaining sections. Leave the dyes on for approximately 35 minutes before rinsing.


3. Ion Smoky Pink

For a ligher pink look, you may have to bleach a few times - unless your hair is already a light ash blonde. Use Ion's Color Brilliance in Smoky Pink to cover your whole head of hair. Personally, I tend to leave lighter colors in for a longer period of time so that the color fully absorbs into the hair, for a more noticeable hue.


4. Manic Panic Fuchsia Shock

Don't be afraid to mix colors to get your own, one-of-a-kind hue! This look can be obtained by mixing Manic Panic's Fuchsia Shock with a touch of Vampire Red. Both colors will work great on darker colored hair, so bleaching may not be necessary. Leave on for at least an hour for a deep, velvety hue.


5. Manic Panic Mystic Heather & Cotton Candy

Get a pastel pink-purple by mixing Manic Panic's Cotton Candy Pink with Mystic Heather. To lighten up the colors, add white conditioner to the mixture.


6. Ion Color Brilliance Rose

Use equal parts of Ion Color Brilliance in Rose and Pravana's Pastel Pink. Add a little bit of Ion's Magenta to brighten the color up to a more neon tone!


7. Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink

Ursula Goff is a hairstylist known for her ever-changing rainbow hair. Here, she used Manic Panic's Hot Hot Pink on top of faded purple and blue dyes. Try mixing with a touch of MP's shocking blue to get the same purple on the ends.


8. Joico Soft Pink

Ashley Harvey completed this look by using Joico's new Soft Pink! Try using Joico's Hot Pink on roots and several strands, while fading in with Soft Pink on the mids and ends for some variability in shades.


9. Pravana Pink/Coral

For a coral toned pink, check out Pravana's Pastel Coral dye. In a mixing bowl, add in Pravana Pink for more intensity. This mixture would have to be applied to bleached hair to dye properly.


10. Pravana Wild Orchid/Pastel Pink

As I said, mixing colors is the best way to achieve a personalized look. By mixing Pravana Vivids Wild Orchid and Pravana Pastels Pretty in Pink, you can get this soft, cool pink as Elle Kae has!


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