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DIY Lemon Vanilla Body Scrub

Updated on July 20, 2014

Making your own body scrub at home allows you to be creative, use natural ingredients, and make delicious smelling creations. This Lemon Vanilla body scrub has such an amazing aroma and I make it for myself all of the time. Even though I know he will never admit to it…I know my husband uses it as well! I started making this scrub as gifts for friends/relatives; this makes a great thoughtful and heart-warming gift for just about any holiday. Not only are the ingredients in this scrub invigorating and stimulating to the body, but they are also pure and organic. You can take comfort knowing there are no preservatives and additives in this product.


  • ½ Cup Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil
  • 1 Cup Nutiva Organic Coconut Sugar
  • 1 Teaspoon Organic Vanilla Extract
  • 10 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

Combine all of the ingredients together and stir. The mixture should not be runny. I feel that body scrubs work best on dry skin. I like to grab a spoonful of the mixture and, in a circular motion, apply it to my skin. I usually step into the shower after that, but you can also take a bath to rinse the body scrub off. This scrub leaves my skin so luscious and soft and my skin has a light lemony scent to it. I love using this scrub in the morning, I feel like it sets my day off to a fantastic start.

The Final Product:

Best Place to Purchase Nutiva Products!

Perhaps one of my all time favorite brands, you will never find my kitchen without Nutiva products. For over a year now, at the time of this writing, I have been using Nutiva’s coconut oil and coconut sugar in our household. Along with roughly 20 other products that we receive in monthly shipments, we have purchased these through Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, and, we consistently get 20% off. While you certainly don’t have to use Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program, my family has found that setting up monthly recurring subscriptions has actually proven to be more cost effective than shopping at a traditional grocery store. Even though we still require some items direct from a grocery store, we have been able to drastically reduce our drive to stores, and, subsequently, we have also saved a great deal on gas. I love Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program!

Here are some other perks of Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program:

  • Save up to 15% on your entire order when you receive 5 or more subscriptions on your monthly delivery day (if you enroll in Amazon Mom, this 15% goes up to 20%!)
  • Receive free shipping on every Subscribe & Save shipment
  • Cancel at any time - there are no commitments, obligations, or fees
  • No upfront charges - pay only when the item is shipped

On to the Lemon Essential Oil....

One of the reasons that I chose Lemon essential oil for this project is because it has many positive benefits to the body, so not only does it smell amazing but it is also very beneficial to your health! Some of the amazing benefits of lemon oil include:

-Dissolving cellulite

-Soothing broken capillaries

-Clarity of thought

-Boosts energy

-Memory improvement

-Nail strengthening

-Brightens complexion by removing dead skin cells

If you are interested in purchasing this product but cannot afford to do so by paying the retail price, there are some options for you to purchase this at a reduced rate. While you can certainly go ahead and purchase the essential oils at a retail price, there are some great options to help you save a significant amount of money. The best opportunity I have found is to join a company called doTERRA and purchase a wholesale membership (Go to my husband and my blog now...).

Having tried many different types and brands of essential oils, I truly find doTERRA to be the best, by a large margin.

Just like a Costco or a Sam’s Club membership provides you an opportunity to buy items at a wholesale rate, with doTERRA you can purchase a wholesale membership and receive all of their products at a wholesale price, which represents a very substantial savings. In order to enroll with a wholesale membership, all that this entails is a $35 initial sign up fee and a yearly renewal fee of $25. The amount of benefits that you will receive by opening a wholesale membership is endless and makes opening a wholesale account a very smart decision.

The benefits include:

  • Purchase products at a wholesale price 25% below retail price
  • Every year that you renew your membership you receive a FREE bottle of peppermint oil
  • Opportunity to start your own amazing business at home (however this is not required and you CAN just enjoy the perks of the wholesale discount)
  • Access to your own personal website where you can shop for yourself and refer customers
  • Sponsor new consultants and receive generous bonuses on their sales and on the sales of consultants they sponsor
  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Option to purchase an enrollment kit at the time of wholesale membership purchase ($35 dollar sign up fee is waived if enrollment kit is purchased)
  • There are no strings attached, you are NOT required to continually purchase or sell products.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up online....or you can contact me at


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I can just smell how good this is! Thanks for sharing this lovely body scrub information.

    • emilybee profile image

      emilybee 3 years ago

      what a great gift idea! I use to make scrubs but some were so slippery in the tub, lol i'll have to try this one!