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DIY: Lip Stain!

Updated on August 20, 2016
Lip stains provide a natural-looking hint of color that lasts all day. Featured  above is  a light pink lip stain from my own line - Taty lip stain in "Limonada Rosa".
Lip stains provide a natural-looking hint of color that lasts all day. Featured above is a light pink lip stain from my own line - Taty lip stain in "Limonada Rosa".

What are lip tints?

Lip tints are the newest beauty trend! Applied directly to the lip via lip brush or velour wand applicator, these tints are thin in consistency and paint on effortlessly. Once dry the lips are gently rinsed with water to reveal a natural stain on the lips. Lip tints provide long lasting, sheer color that is never greasy, thick or sticky on the lips as are other lip products. Lip tints can be found in every imaginable color and are an ideal addition to the makeup wardrobe of anyone that loves a minimal, no-makeup look. Lip tints can also be worn by men to add youth and color to the lips. Read on to discover a very simple recipe for a simple lip tint that can be made in the comfort of your home, easily and with common household ingredients!

I have compiled a list below of everything you will need for this project. I have personally located the cheapest, best quality products for making this stain and have listed them below. If you chose not to purchase these items online look carefully at the photos to ensure you purchase the correct items!

You will need :

1. Lip gloss tubes with a velour tipped wand applicator and funnel

4. Food grade flavor oils/extracts


Step 1:

In a disposable, plastic cup heat 4 tblsp. of coconut oil until just melted. Heat this oil slowly and at a low temperature on a stove top, stirring frequently with a wooden spoon or silicone spatula. If heating oil in the microwave microwave on high speed in 10 second intervals until mostly melted, then stir until all clumps are gone and the oil stirs smoothly.

Step 2:

In a clear glass mix your food coloring until you have you desired lip tint shade. Nearly every color can be created out of the colors in most food coloring kits. Every color is merely some combination of primary, basic colors. Mix and match to create the perfect shade. Once you feel you may have the ideal color dab some coloring on your hand with a cotton swab (q-tip) and determine if it's a good match for your skin.

Step 3:

Once you have decided on the color and are done mixing the gel coloring, combine the coloring and the coconut oil. How many drops of coloring are needed to balance the 4 tblsp of oil is entirely up to you. The more coloring you add, the deeper the shade will be. Add the coloring a few drops at a time until the oil is the color you want. Typically, I add 5 drops of color per tablespoon of oil. My lip stain tubes hold 4 tblsp of lip stain so I generally use 20 drops of my desired color to 4 tblsp of coconut oil to fill one tube of lip stain. Stir until the coloring is fully and evenly mixed with the oil.

Step 4:

Add 3 drops of flavoring for every 2 tblsp of coconut oil. Again, my tubes hold 4 tblsp of oil. The coloring and flavoring to not take up any additional space in the tube so no need to allot space for those in the tube. For a 4 tblsp batch of lip stain you will need to add 6 tblsp of flavoring. Flavoring is NOT required for the lip stain however I find it pleasant, aroma-therapeutic and enjoyable. Let the mixture sit out at room temperature for 5-10 minutes. As the coconut oil cools it will harden slightly and resemble more of a lip balm however it melts down again when applied to the lips. The consistency is more that of a massage bar than that of a chap stick.

A completed batch of Taty lip stain in "Baya"

Step 5:

Apply the balm generously to your lips taking care to stay within the lip line. Because this product is designed to stain the skin it is best to use a lip brush or wand applicator when applying lip stains. Enjoy!

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