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DIY Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Updated on August 7, 2016

There are many ideas for nail art for beginners. If you’re just starting, stay tuned because we are about to make you a pro!

Nail art for doesn’t just consist of painting your nails pink and then applying a top coat, and by the end of this article, you will have fabulous red-carpet-ready nails!

1. Polka Dots

These are totally easy nail art designs. They look complicated, but are simple and fun!

You will need two different colors to complete the look. Try something like teal as the main basecoat and white polka dots. Or, use hot pink as the basecoat and black polka dots.

  1. First, take your base color, paint either one or two coats, and let dry completely.
  2. Next, either take a toothpick or a bobby pin (or anything else with a pointy end), and dip it into the nail polish you will use for the polka dots. Make small dots all over the nail and wait until they are completely dry.
  3. Apply a high-gloss top coat.
  4. You can even buy nail polish pens or polish with very thin brushes to complete this look.


2. Nail Strips or Stickers

Most drug stores now have nail strips and stickers. This is the ultimate way to have perfect nail art designs for beginners.

With a wide variety of looks and colors to choose from, you simply place them on your nail and file. For small stickers, just place on the tip of your nail or on your nail bed.


3. Magnetic or Crackle Designs

  1. Head to your nearest convenience store and you can buy nail art in a bottle! The two most popular seem to be magnetic and crackle nail polish.
  2. For the magnetic, just apply two coats of the polish. Make sure the second coat is a little thicker.
  3. Take the magnet they give you, which is usually the cap of the polish, and hold it as close to the nail as possible for 10 seconds without touching the polish.
  4. Voila! Now you have a wave effect on your nails. Just wait until dry and apply a topcoat.
  5. For the crackle, apply a base coat color. If you are using a black crackle, try red as a base coat or electric blue.
  6. Apply the base coat color and let dry.
  7. Then apply a thin layer of the crackle polish. You will start to see it “crackle” before your eyes. Don’t apply too thick of a coat or it will disturb the effects.


4. Matte

Using matte polish over regular polish has become the newest craze! Instead of a glossy finish, you will get a matte finish.

We think it looks pretty awesome with black polish!


5. Mix & Match

A really simple way to do nail art, especially if you don’t have time to make designs on your nails, is to mix and match.

Alternating colors on different fingers will give you a chic and fresh look! Alternate blue and yellow, or do the colors of the rainbow!


6. Mood Nail Polish

A new fun trend is mood nail polish and it’s perfect for beginners.

A few companies carry it and it’s easy to use. Just ditch your mood rings, paint your nails with mood nail polish, and watch as the colors change!


7. Caviar Nails

This is the newest fad in the nail world. It looks totally intricate but it's not, and plenty of drugstores carry it. Usually, each kit comes with nail polish and a container of tiny colorful beads. If it’s nice outside, you may want to consider doing this project outside since it gets messy. Otherwise, do it over a sink.

  1. Paint your nails with the polish from the kit, applying two coats.
  2. Then, dip your finger into the container of tiny balls and then press them down onto the nails. Pressing them down will make them more secure so they won’t fall off.
  3. In about 15-20 minutes, you will have a very cool, textured set of nails!


8. Press-Ons

Another fun way to do your nails is to use fake, press-on nails.

Some come plain (so you can paint them yourself), some are French-manicured, and others have designs already on them.

They last a week so they are a fun option for special occasions.

Whichever you choose, all of these designs will give you a hot new look!

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    • profile image

      christina 2 years ago

      I love to do the DIY Nail arts. The nail designs are just awesome. Thanks for sharing..!

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    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 4 years ago from India

      Nice hub. Thanks for linking my hubs :)