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DIY Hair: Vintage 1940s Victory Rolls

Updated on January 30, 2014

Prepping for Victory Rolls

So, I'll be doing this for my short hair - but it works on all hair lengths. The only difference really is that those of you with long hair will have to roll more hair up, and you probably have a different curling pattern.

I start off by curling my hair in about 2"x2" sections. I curl my bangs towards my face, and everything else away. Once I've curled a section, I roll it back up and leave it pin curled. I prefer to leave my curls kind of standing on my head, rather than laying flat against my scalp - it helps give my roots some volume.

Creating the Victory Rolls

Once my hair has set for 20 minutes or so, I'll take all the pins out. We'll get to styling the rest of your hair next - for now, focus on the victory rolls!

Take your bangs, the section that was curled towards your face, and comb them out. Split the section in half, and spritz a bit of hairspray at your roots in the middle. Then, lightly tease the hair near your roots.

Once it's sufficiently teased, gather your hair back. While holding it straight up, smooth the hair on the front and outside. You don't want your teased hair showing!

My part is on the right, so I pulled my hair up to the left. Loop your hair around your finger, and curl the ends around to create a circle. Try to keep the ends towards the back, so they don't stick out! Position your roll how you'd like it - you can have it standing like mine, or flatter to your scalp. Then, secure the roll with bobby pins and hair spray.

I make sure to use bobby pins that are my hair color, so they aren't easily seen. I usually put one in from the bottom and one in the front. Since you've teased your hair, you should have some volume!

Finishing the Look

Now that you've got your hair rolled up, it's time to tame!

Since my hair is short, all this really takes is some running through with my fingers... There's not much else I can do. If you have longer hair, try to define your curls!

Take each curled section that seems to be clumping together and brush it out on your palm. This will help the curls look smooth and take shape. The picture to the right illustrates how your hair will look if you use this method (it was back in my longer-haired days).

Go over it all with some hairspray, and you're done!

More Vintage Hair

Thanks for checking out this tutorial! If you're interested in more vintage 'do's, I'm always working on something new!

Kick it back a decade with this DIY Veronica Lake hairstyle, or just go for an everyday vintage curl.

I've also got quite a bit of information on bleaching and coloring hair! Learn how to take care of bleached hair, or how to grow it out after bleaching. Looking for something different? Try out pastel hair!


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    • Theater girl profile image

      Jennifer 3 years ago from New Jersey

      Very pretty. And quite creative, bringing the look back!

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