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DIY peacock nail art with simple art techniques

Updated on March 29, 2018

Beautiful peacock nails. If you don’t have the thin nail brushes, paint brushes even old markers dipped in nail polish work

Be sure to let each layer dry before starting a new layer

Colors I like to use are blue green orange gold sparkles and white and black. Purple nails or green nails are just as fancy. My husband tends to like when my nails are blue so most of the time I have blue nails but I like to decorate and it’s a perfect canvas. Beautiful nails bring you closer to others because they are a great conversation starter. I also would love to see any pics of nails you have created on your own and not at a salon. Being a mom of three I like to paint my nails at night while watching a movie with my hubby❤️

Blue nails my perfect canvas

To start the base of the feather I use green or white lines first. A thin line is all you need on each nail

Next I use tiny white or green lines to fill in the feather. I expecially pay close attention to filling in the top to be the widest area. The top will be where

Use the black nail polish to place one dot in the middle of the widest area at the top of your nail.

Make a tear drop of circle around the dot

Add a black line where you want the base of the feather. Be sure to only use one line down the middle of the feather. Make a few lines on each side and top to p

Paint an optional yellow, pink or orange tear dropped circle around the eye of your feather. Remember let it dry before continuing. Patience is very very import

Add green or white, use your judgment to sharpen up the feather

Use black for touch ups and to thicken the eye. You can also thicken the eye with purple or a sticker

I sparkle everything when finished because it’s seals in my design

Please let me know if you have tried this and if you have any other ideas. I love to paint and would love to try any idea. Pictures of what you came out with ar

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