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Daily Acne Treatments

Updated on May 7, 2010

Tips on Treating Acne

Acne also appears on the neck and bodies it less commonly known because it is not exposed like facial acne.  Are you suffering from Body acne?  Not to worry. Most teens suffer from acne starting at about 13 or when puberty begins.

There are lots of treatment options and products which is important to prevent acne scarring and most are very effective on keeping acne at minimum

Sweat can clog skin pores and lead to breakouts all over. Other things that can cause body acne are tight fitting clothing because it traps sweat against the skin, leading to clogged blemishes. Body acne commonly pops up on the chest, neck and back.

1)       To reduce body acne and prevent it from coming back, you can wash your body every day with a salicylic acid based cleanser. Look for the ingredient on product labels.

2)       Shower as soon as you can anytime you have been sweating; such as after playing sports, working outdoors or being in the sun on a hot day. After your shower, you can follow up by a body moisturizer that contains Alfa Hydroxyl acid. This will exfoliate skin & help prevent breakouts, without drying skin out.

3)      At evenings you can treat body acne like facial acne, by applying an acne cream at the effected parts. Most Acne creams are for daily use. If confused on which products to use there are plenty on Amazon and other high street shops. Or just ask your Pharmacist

4)      Drinking plenty of water (about 2 litres a day) will reduce Acne because drinking a lot of water cleanses the system and reduces water retention in the body, therefore there wll be less bacteria to form acne.

What if it doesn’t go?

 If you don’t see results after using treatments for a month, it is time to see a dermatologist that treats acne. It is best to tell your dermatologist during the consult what products you have used so you are not recommended similar treatments.


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