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Daily Makeup Routine For Beginners

Updated on July 26, 2016

Every morning I look in the mirror and typically think, "wow, I look hella tired today!" What can I do to fix that? Thank you beauty gods for inventing makeup! I'll be giving you a step by step run down of my daily makeup routine along with a product list and photos to help guide you through! Keeping in mind shades and skin tones are different so use foundation shades that work for you. So here we go!

Step 1: Foundation

When it comes to foundation and picking the correct one you can go to a multitude of efforts and potentially still find the best one at Shoppers. The most important factor is that it actually matches your skin tone. Liquid foundation that is too dark will make your skin look cakey, fake, and aged, (as well as it simply won't match the rest of your body). So really take the time to experiment to find the correct shade for you!

When applying liquid foundation use a small penny sized drop on a cosmetic sponge or beauty blender. Dot your nose, under both eyes, your forehead, and chin, then begin to blend the foundation evenly on your face. I'm using CoverGirl Advanced Radiance Foundation in Classic Ivory.

Once you're blended to perfection pick up your powder foundation or translucent powder and apply it over the liquid to set it in place. When applying powder remember not to stroke it across your face because that reverses the blending we just did. Your face will appear streaky (ew)! So with the powder on your brush, just pat down gently on your face to set your liquid foundation. I'm using Fit Me! By Maybelline New York in 225 Medium Buff.

Step 2: Contour and Highlight

This is absolutely one of my favourite parts of my makeup routine! Contouring is a fad that broke the internet and everyone is wanting to try it, but it seems to be difficult, - NO! It can be easy! And done without a fancy kit! First, the contour:

For your contour you're going to need a bronzer either in powder or cream form. I use a powder from Mac called Refined Golden. To contour your face you need to visualize the shape of your profile as the number 3. Beginning from the forehead around the natural arch of your eyebrow, sweep down around the temple to your cheek bone. It helps to suck in your cheeks and make a fishy face to find your cheek bones. Keep brushing along the cheek bones for the desired hollowness. Then to finish the 3 shape, sweep down to the lower jaw line to give definition. To take it a step further, contour your nose by sweeping a tiny bit of bronzer on either side of the bridge. And you're done! Viola!

Now the highlight, I'm using Soft & Gentle Mineralized Finish from Mac. What you're going to want to do is use your contour as your guidelines. Right above your now hollowed out cheek bones you're going to sweep your highlighter across your cheeks. You want to highlight naturally where the light would strike your face. Apply a small amount of highlight to the centre of your forehead and to the tip of your nose.

Now we're cooking with gas!

Step 3: Eyes and Brows

Quoted from the movie, The House Bunny, "The eyes are the nipples of the face". SO we need to make them pop! First I do my brows. I have more full brows already so if you need different products and you know they work, by all means go for it! For me, I use the Brunette Brow Liner with diffusing brush from Mac. I start by taking the pencil from the bottom of my brow and draw a line from front to back. Then using light upward strokes to simulate hair, I fill in the rest of my brow. Though this tends to look a bit fake and dark so I flip around my handy pencil to the side with the diffuser brush. This takes off some of the pigment as well as brushing my brows perfectly into place. At the front of my brows I brush upward then begin to brush the rest to the side following your natural arch. This makes your brows look full, natural, and youthful!

For my eyes I'm using 2 pallets: Keepsakes/Smoky Eyes from Mac and Shadow-Spheares from Hard Candy, but you can use any similar colours you have. I begin with a light tan colour and sweep this into my crease for my base. Then proceed to darken the outer corner of the crease with a slightly more brown colour. For the lids I go into my Hard Candy pallet and use a shimmery light pink champagne colour. I sweep this all across my lids and this instantly brings a wow factor to your eyes. I then take the shimmery white colour and highlight my tear ducts. This brings the light into your eyes. I use this same white and dab a touch over the centre of the lid, just to bring in more light. Back to my mac pallet, I go in with a shimmery brown-purple and darken the crease one more time. Then using a matte white, I sweep just under the brow to highlight. I personally don't use eyeliner but if you do then this would be the time to apply. Next I use mascara to lengthen my lashes and complete my daily eye!

Step 4: Lips and Perfume

Finally we've made it to the grand finale! For your lips if you have fuller lips like me you might not need to use lip liner to over draw, some people do, it's up to you. I just want to tell you my favourite lip colours that are both by Mac. My usual everyday colour is called Velvet Teddy Bear, it's a light pink-nude that is so easy going and works with everything. If I'm feeling more bold I'll wear Sin which is a deep dark red that is as seductive as it's name.

My 2 favourite perfumes I alternate with before I leave the house are Prada Candy and Rose from Zara. Both are flowery and spicy and I adore them!

Hope you enjoyed this hub on my daily makeup routine and if it's helped you out, share it with your friends and family!

What's your favourite feature to accentuate with makeup?

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