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Daily Facial Beauty Regimen

Updated on December 29, 2016

Maintain Good Skin

When an individual's face complexion is clean, it let's you know they really take care of their skin. And a clear complexion is needed to have healthy glowing skin. It's easy to maintain a clean and clear complexion at any age, begin by washing the face twice a day with a mild soap such as with 'Dove Facial Soap.' And moisturize with a lotion that has natural ingredients such as: Shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E, aloe vera, etc. When washing the face twice a day with a mild facial soap, you will be moisturizing your face twice a day as well, which is very important. Moisturizing the face twice a day will assist with preventing fine wrinkles forming, and washing the face twice a day will help with preventing mild acne.

Another way to maintain good skin is to do physical exercise at least 3 times a week. Exercise will assist the skin from eventually sagging, and it will help with toning your skin instead. Also eating a balance regular diet will help to maintain good skin, by eating fruits, vegetable, 100% whole wheat products, fish, turkey, chicken, etc. Drinking 4-8 ounce bottles of water daily will assist the body with staying hydrated, and healthy. Drinking water also assists the body with detoxification. Eating vitamin enriched foods will keep the skin looking clean and healthy.

Taking Care of Your Face
Taking Care of Your Face

Taking Care of Your Face

When you apply products to the face, apply any product that you use in an ‘upward motion’ onto the face. This way you are not pushing the skin down when applying moisturizers or facial masks, which would cause potential sagging of the skin. Instead apply the facial products you use onto the face in an upward motion to go against gravity, and prevent early signs of fine wrinkles. For people that are already showing signs of wrinkles there is still hope, because wrinkles can be reversed.

Avoid wearing makeup to bed at night, instead apply an astringent such as Witch Hazel and a nighttime moisturizer. Witch Hazel assists with keeping the skin clear from forming mild acne and other impurities.

Also keeping your hair clean of hair products that may cause residue to get on the face, this will help with not getting acne or other facial break-outs. Avoid using a regular bar soap on your face, instead use facial soaps such as; glycerin soaps, Cetaphil daily facial cleansers, Dove soaps, or other mild facial cleansers.

Keeping your hands and fingernails clean in important as well, for taking care of your face, and avoid touching your face often will help. Avoid using facial products that contain: salicylic acid, alcohol, and benzoyl peroxide. But use facial products that are made for "sensitive skin" like Olay cleansers, Dove, and Neutrogena.

Always use a 'sun block lotion' no matter what tone or shade your skin color is. Sun block lotion on the face will assist with preventing fine wrinkles and sun damage to the face. Although 15 minutes of daily sunshine is needed on the hair and scalp to get vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D from the sunshine helps maintain healthy; skin, fingernails, hair, and bones.

To protect sensitive skin, buy products and make up that are labeled: hypoallergenic, alcohol-free, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic, or sensitive skin. And when washing your face, avoid washing the face harshly, it's better to wash your face gently to avoid making the skin irritated. The face and neck has be treated gently and not harshly to avoid more skin problems.

A daily beauty regimen will be easy to maintain if you stick to it. You will notice a different in your skin’s complexion when taking care of your face with a daily beauty regimen.

You can exfoliate and remove dull skin cells with a mild facial exfoliate. A facial exfoliate can be used once every two months to remove dull skin on the face. You can use 'Arm and Hammer Baking Soda' as an exfoliate to remove dull skin on the face and body.

You may want to avoid using hair products that leave residue in the hair and on the skin, which will eventually get on the face and cause it to break out. Hair products that may leave residue on the face can cause acne and skin break-outs: mousses, holding sprays, holding gels, and hair products with perfumes.

During the hot summer months use facial products that are for 'dry skin,' that way you’re not adding more oil to the skin with the facial products. And during the cold winter months, use products that are for 'oily skin' to have added moisture to the skin, and to avoid cracking dry skin. Also when washing your face, rinse and saturate with a lot of water, to keep the face hydrated.

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