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I Cured My Acne

Updated on June 27, 2013

I Solved my Acne Problem

Do dairy products cause acne?

I have been struggling with acne for about a year now and nothing seems to be working. I have never had acne like this before and I knew there was something that I was doing that was causing havoc in my body. I knew that something in my diet is causing this so I started to do some research.

Last year I started to consume a high intake of dairy. I would drink kefir every morning. I would have cheese daily, drink milk 3 times a week, eat sour cream weekly, and have ice cream every other day. What I did not realize is that the dairy was causing my breakouts. I always thought dairy was not the culprit and that it's suppose to be good for you. I have literally tried everything from creams to harsh face washes. I tried different oils to balance out my skin oil on my skin but that had a slight effect.

Acne should not be happening in young adults. I recently was researching to figure out what could be happening inside my body, that is causing this imbalance. It truly is an imbalance inside your body. It's nothing to do with the outside of your face, trust me.

I recently stumbled upon dairy consumption and what a eye opener it has been.

Nothing has worked until I recently stopped consuming dairy. This means no milk, yogurt, sour cream, ice cream, kefir, cheese, or other dairy items. Butter is fine because it's the fat from milk which has beneficial enzymes for you. Dairy consumption is not worth it.

For about four days I wasn't eating any dairy, I quit cold turkey. I started to see improvement in my acne. No new cystic acne has appeared and my current acne has been decreasing. I can see my real face. I also think that some people can't handle dairy and others can. I am not lactose intolerant but dairy and my body just don't work. It's causes an imbalance.

Dairy products have naturally occurring hormones that the cows produce when they are lactating. They need to feed their calves and those calves need to grow in a short amount of time. On top of that, companies inject the cows with other hormones, that are not naturally occurring, to yield more milk. But when we drink the milk those hormones get in our bodies. Those hormones cause havoc in our bodies, especially in women.

Ahhh, how come doctors don't tell us these things? Think about it, dairy is a billion dollar industry. Dairy has been around for thousands of years and no one tells you it can cause an imbalance. It's suppose to give you calcium and other nutrients that you need, right? That is true but If you think about it, you can get more calcium from other sources like fruits and vegetables and nuts. You don't actually need milk.

I am completely taking out dairy out of my diet. I think that once in a while I will have a small ice cream or have some cheese but in the mean time I am cutting it out. It has helped me exponentially.

What might work for me might not work for you but it doesn't hurt to try. Try every option you have to get your life back in order.

Substitues for milk:

You can substitue milk for coconut milk. I use it for a creamer, for baking purpose, and frosting options. You can eat sorbet if you are craving something cold and sweet. I'm going to try raw goat milk and cheese. I know that goat cheese doesn't cause my breakouts so I will stick with that. Just keep trying out new things and I hope that I have helped at least one person.


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