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Dandelion Tattoo Meaning

Updated on October 9, 2013

Want to learn more about Dandelion Tattoo Meaning?

When a person considers getting ink, they generally want to choose a tattoo that has a certain symbolism or meaning. Since certain symbols can have a wide variety of meanings, it is important to research what a certain thing means before you have it permanently tattooed onto your body.

What is the dandelion tattoo meaning?

A dandelion can symbolize magic, agility, freedom, romance, joy, attitude, delicacy, tenderness, good luck and childhood. Depending upon the size and the shape of the tattoo, it can extend from a shoulder down to a hip and move around the body. Some people prefer to have a tattoo that is limited to one area of the body where it cannot be seen or shared with other people.

The symbolism of Childhood

When we are children, we tend to have a lot of hopes and dreams. We can fantasize about things and believe in magic and we hold the hope of a dream coming true when we hold a small dandelion that is fully in seed in our hands and blow on it. As the seeds disperse, they are carried in the wind, just as we will one day move on with our lives from childhood. At the time that we are children, we have very real dreams that we think may come true if we can just blow on a dandelion and make a wish.

The dandelion tattoo can be a reminder of childhood, or it can be a reminder of the dreams we once had. When some people opt for a dandelion tattoo, they imagine their life as a child and the carefree bliss of being a child.

Dandelions and Superstitions

Some couples believe that if a dandelion is placed in a wedding bouquet it can bring them good luck. The dandelion is generally strategically placed in the bouquet where it cannot be easily seen, but the couple knows that it is there inside the bouquet.

A dandelion tattooed in a strategic location can be due to the fact that the person believes that it will bring them good luck. One superstition is that when a small chick finds a dandelion and stands next to it that when it grows up into a full sized chicken that it will be the size of that dandelion in height.

Dandelion Tattoo Meaning – women’s emotional health

Dandelion Tattoos are generally worn by women, not many men choose to go with flowers or their variations. It could be symbolic of a woman’s delicate nature, her free-wheeling attitude to go wherever the wind blows her or the freedom that being a seed in the wind or a wild flower allows.

Perhaps a woman just got out of an abusive relationship and she has recovered to the point where she is ready to move on with her life. To celebrate her new life being free from abuse, she may choose to have a dandelion tattooed on her as a symbol of her life renewed.

The design of the dandelion can vary from the flower to the seed ball to the seed ball slowly disbursing with the seeds blowing off into the wind. The tattoo can be in black ink with dimensional shadows incorporated or it can be in full color.

The Dandelion Tattoo Meaning – positive messages

The meaning behind dandelion tattoos is definitely a positive one. Some people like to have a dandelion tattoo done when they are hoping to have a dream come true. Other people have the dandelion tattoo done after their dream comes true and they want to remember the special feeling of your dream becoming a reality.

If you have been thinking about a tattoo, it is a good idea to think long and hard about the image that you will have permanently inked onto your body. Always find a professional tattoo artist to do the job for you so that it is something that you don’t mind looking at for the rest of your life.

A tattoo that conveys a positive message is one that will make you feel happy every time that you look at it. A dandelion is one positive message that conveys hope, happiness and freedom, depending upon what you think about when you look at the tattoo. It can be a reminder of a happy time in your life or it can be something that makes you feel satisfied when you look at it.

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