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Dansko Nursing Shoes

Updated on October 21, 2012

I can still remember walking around the house in my mother's white nursing clogs; I thought they were the coolest shoes on earth. So much so, I would spend most of my 20s seeking the perfect pair for myself. Now, some nurses don't like to wear clogs to work, and with good reason -- they are not easy to run in, and, on some wards, near-running is pretty much a fact of life. If, however, you don't have to chase your patients through the hall, and if you actually get breaks that are long enough to sit down for more than 2 minutes at a time, these could be for you. If nothing else, you're sure to look stylish!

Dansko Sonja

The Dansko Sonja is the prettiest nursing clog available, IMO. It's also the one I'd be least likely to wear, cos I'd be afraid to have one go flying. Nevertheless, they're on the list because they look good, damn it. And they're comfy!

Dansko Val

This one looks a good deal more modern than the first two styles. The Dansko Val also has a convertible strap, to keep those suckers on if you have to start running around. They've got a high quality sole, too -- take a closer look. You're far less likely to slide around in these, than when wearing your mother's clogs from the 70s!

Dansko Vibeka

Ok, not clogs obviously, but classic Dansko comfort, all the way. Personally, I love me some Mary Jane's; I have several pairs that I wear around town on errands. True, they look a little school-girlish, but that *is* the point, isn't it? If the girlie thing bothers you, fret not; you can't tell that's what they are when wearing scrub pants.

Dansko Ingrid

The Dansko Ingrid is pretty much the Dankso Sonja with a convertible strap. You don't have to wear it around your ankle, of course, it looks quite fashionable the way you see it in that photo. But, if you want to, you can. Comfy as anything, these look fantastic with skirts, pants or dresses.


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