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The Best Under Eye, Dark Circle Concealer, Ever!

Updated on August 29, 2009

I've had dark circles under my eyes since I was a kid. And they look twice as dark as they should, because I'm incredibly pale. I've lost track of how many times I've been asked about my sleeping habits. People seem to think I get none, though I average 8 hours every night. I've also been asked about my diet. Do I eat well? No, I don't. I eat terribly, as a matter of fact. This may well contribute to the issue, but since everyone else in my family has this too - even those who eat very, very well - I'm not going to blame it on a vitamin deficiency.

That said, I have noticed a decrease in the dark factor when I am taking vitamins, but it's never cured it. The other classic question is whether or not I have allergies. Yeah, I do. And the medication I take alleviates all my symptoms, so I don't think this is the cause, either. Additionally, I live in a climate that experiences 4 proper seasons every year - which means the apple blossoms and goldenrod are not affecting me when there's five feet of snow on the ground.

What's my point in saying all of this?

I accept the fact that I have dark circles and I am no longer interested in treating the cause - I am only concerned with treating the symptom. That symptom being the heroin look. It might look chic in Hollywood, but it doesn't look good on those of us who actually live in the real world. So what do you do? After you've ruled out the above possibilities and determined you can't fix any of them, I mean. Simple - you hide them. Sounds easy, but really it's not. There are SO many brands out there, and most of them truly suck.

I've tried everything from Cover Girl to Chanel, and none of them worked. I could never find the correct color, for starters. I always ended up looking like I had jaundice. And, if I actually managed to find a color worth using, the consistency of the concealer was total crap and wouldn't go on smoothly. Believe me, I've tried all kinds: paint-on, twist-up, compact and tube. My conclusion is this: Lancome's Effacernes Waterproof Concealer is the best.

Why I love Lancome's Effacernes Waterproof Concealer:

  • Crème has the perfect consistency for good circle coverage, so tube is the way to go, y'all.

  • It keeps your eyes hydrated for hours, which will keep lines from showing.

  • Being waterproof, you can even be confident it won't fade away whilst you're shaking your booty on the dance floor all night.

  • It goes on smooth and silky, too, so you won't feel like you've been painted for the circus.

  • Once you've applied it, gently set it with a fine powder and you are good to go.

I use it several times a week and one tube tends to last me four or five months at a time, so don't be overly concerned with the $25 price tag. It averages out to 5 bucks a month, give or take. Of course, if you live in Europe, it costs twice as much, but it's still very much worth it. This stuff is a miracle - go out and get you some!

xx Isabella


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