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David Yurman Bracelet Jewelry Review: Cable, Chain, Charm, Bangle, Buckle, Beaded

Updated on January 6, 2015

David Yurman Bracelets

David Yurman bracelet department constitutes the brand's largest and richest – in terms of designs, patterns, and sheer depth of creativity – jewelry segment. Like the rings, this category divides into men's and ladies, and similarly to that section, men's pieces veer towards functionality and simplicity, whereas feminine bracelets tend towards boundlessly luxurious designs, only considering the limits of imagination and good taste.

Sterling silver and gold emerge as chief materials: several collections incorporate diamonds (in classic pave configurations), gemstones, and pearls – men's pieces even employ rubber and leather – yet precious metals become the primary building block in the bracelet department, steering away somewhat from the gem rich earrings, pendants and rings.

David Yurman Tag Bracelet
David Yurman Tag Bracelet

Collections include the iconic cable (sculpted, buckle, woven), Waverly (gemstone end caps – similar to Candy jewelry), Noblesse, and others; besides lobster claw, toggle, and above mentioned buckle, David Yurman introduce several other, more complex closures.

Women's Bracelets

Three main categories include cuff, chain, and bangle bracelets. While some of the cuff bracelets (Albion and Chiclet in particular) exhibit a streak of primitive influence, of ancient African patterns – at once naïve and sophisticated, others, such as the various Cable creations, reveal ultra-modern, avant-guard influences.

Chain bracelets again juggle between down to earth, primitive undertones (heavy links, rope textured patterns) and complexity (pave detail, toggle closure, ceramic links, incorporation of beads as accents in strategic places, and more). Charm bracelets offer a playful, whimsical interpretation of Infinity, Oval-Link, Cordelia, and other collections.

Men's Bracelets

Men's segment includes Ojime, Beaded, Chain, Tag, and Cuff pieces, the majority of which are on the dark (usually silver and black two-tone) side – only a few show brighter red coral and turquoise beads. Materials include leather, rubber, gems, sterling silver, tiger's eye, onyx, and other. Gold and diamonds make a rare appearance in separate models.

If women's jewelry tried to carefully amalgamate an entire set of characteristics, all universally recognized as feminine, men's opts for a unary approach: each bracelet radiates a single quality, be it power, knowledge, confidence, or sense of humor – refracted through a similarly universally masculine prism. This is David Yurman jewelry at its most simplified, yet focused.


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