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David Yurman Earrings Jewelry Review: Pearls, Diamonds, Citrine, Onyx

Updated on January 6, 2015

David Yurman Earrings

David Yurman earrings segment accommodates over a hundred different jewelry designs, most of them reminiscent in one way or another of at least one other division in the brand's assortment: rings, bracelets, pendants, or necklaces. This, actually, is not surprising when we consider that the company organizes its creations according to collections; such title as Cable, Albion, Confetti, and others make an appearance in the earring as well.

Some of the cable earrings not only repeat bracelet patterns – they reveal permutations so tangled, the jewelry inevitably serves to prove the inherent richness of the cable design. Woven and Triangle models in particular generate thick knots, allowing the cables and the ropes to twist into powerful bundles of metal – consequently radiating a lot of concentrated energy and inner force. It's a hermetic and complex interpretation of the original aesthetic – one adding it yet another sensory and imaginative dimension.

David Yurman Mobile Earrings
David Yurman Mobile Earrings

Let's take a closer look at some of the models:


Cushion on Point, Albion, and Drop earrings comprise the gemstone section – where a single or several large stones continue to play the main role, as a centerpiece, or as an ensemble of gems respectively. These pieces capture that unique timeless, unperturbed quality that permeates many of David Yurman's classically designed jewelry; brand aficionados will notice similar to rings border and bezel patterns embracing the multi-faceted gems.

Particularly interesting are the mosaic items: in the rings the mosaic pattern seemed to form a field with gems scattered all over it, here, the drop uncurling earrings reveal that the field, in fact, was a contorted line. Hoops and studs, particularly pearl ones, offer more compact, casual visuals.

Precious Metals

Sterling silver and gold based pieces employ scroll work and the occasional pave diamond template for decoration; models include dangle, various mobile, and tassel earrings. Some iconic Cable items – Crossover, Wheaton, Infinity, Metro – replicate closely their matching bands or bracelets almost; others opt for different interpretations, presenting unusual, abundantly textured, eye-stopping designs. Other materials include topaz, onyx, black pearls, citrine, amethyst, garnet, prasiolite, and black diamonds.


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