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David Yurman Men's, Women's Watches Review: Automatic, Quartz, Steel, Titanium

Updated on January 6, 2015

David Yurman Watches

Currently, David Yurman offer strictly rectangular and square timepieces – a marketing move that a watch specializing brand would not have allowed. But, David Yurman specialize in jewelry, and can afford the luxury of focusing on less familiar case shapes and bracelet designs: soft edged, and reminiscent of the iconic Patek Philippe Nautilus and Aquanaut – again relying the the porthole window shape for inspiration. (In the past, DY have made round watches as well.)

High-end watch connoisseurs will recognize Ulysse Nardin and Rado influence on the dials. The former company contributes generous semi-open submarine-like hands (it's not accidental that Ulysse Nardin focus on marine watches and include an anchor in their logo); the latter a somewhat more elusive, yet very distinct black and white dial grid – the indexes, the numerals, the color shades.

David Yurman Watch
David Yurman Watch

And indeed, David Yurman look favorably on ceramic, Rado's main material, its “steel” if you will, incorporating it as links in some of the company's chains and necklaces.


Men's watches are mostly automatic, with the occasional chronograph or GMT complication; 41mm and 35 mm comprise the two common sizes. Overall, the timepieces combine casual, dressy, jewelry and sports qualities – without letting either to become prominent – and leading to a harmonious, relaxed design.

While several pieces carry a border of diamonds on the bezel, and deploy 18K gold in single or two-tone variations, stainless steel remains the chief metal used. Black alligator sand brown leather traps compliment the cases.


Women's watches introduce more color, texture, and jewelry designs. First, steel bracelets carry the iconic cable (thoroughbred) engraving, directly alluding to David Yurman jewelry. Second, python, lizard, and alligator straps add succulent pinks and reds to the layout.

Finally, such models as Waverly, Chelsea, and Cable revive that classic jewelry watch making which thrived in the roaring twenties (almost a century ago now...) – referencing Art Deco, and Jaeger LeCoultre haute joaillerie watches (101 Feuille, Joaillerie 101 1938) along the way.


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