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David Yurman Necklace, Chain Jewelry Review: Sterling Silver, 18K gold

Updated on January 6, 2015

David Yurman Necklaces

In David Yurman necklaces we get to see more of the chain designs that defined some of the strictly metallic, thick sterling silver bracelets. But, not only: this department hosts over two hundred men's and women's jewelry pieces, manufactured in wide range of styles, made from a similarly expansive scope of materials.

Distinguishing characteristics that separated men's rings and bracelets from ladies' reappear here as well; utility and function determines gents' assortment, which tends to display cool, dark tones, immersed in dark gray. Clearly the brand is aware of the “a man's only jewelry should be his watch” assumption – and they render the chains as masculine and rough as possible to counter it.

David Yurman Necklace
David Yurman Necklace

Surprisingly, ladies necklaces will quite often incorporate similar harsh, edgy patterns: entangled chains and lots of matted silver – though they almost always inject the designs with at least one additional texture or color.

Men's Necklaces

Include tag pieces, crosses and David stars, simple chains, and several beaded models. The majority of the jewelry carries a clearly defined purpose: indicate the owner, declare religious affiliation, and so on. The crosses are quite simple – especially when compared to James Avery religious offerings – exhibiting either familiar cable patterns, or smooth onyx or tiger's eye facade. Ladies Confetti cross pendants present a strong gemstone alternative.

Spiritual beads necklaces feature corals, turquoise, and more onyx.

Women's Necklaces

This division offers complex chain configurations (links of the same strand vary in materials, size and shape), including multi-stranded and multi-rowed pieces, as well as familiar simple chains. Classic pearl necklaces anticipate the delicate and elegant beaded ones: small coral, ruby, garnet, beads act as accents complimenting the gold or silver chain; larger beads essentially form the entire necklace.

Ladies Tag necklaces display softly glowing mother-of-pearl, and, more surprisingly, plates of pinkish Rhodonite – a semi-precious stone commonly used in fine masonry. Pendant based jewelry carries heart, confetti, cushion on point, noblesse, and enhancers from other David Yurman collections – all of which have long become established classics.


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