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David Yurman Pendant, Enhancer, Charm Jewelry Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

David Yurman Pendants

Aiming to render their enhancers and pendants suitable for a broad range of necklace chains – and perhaps for combinations with other brands' jewelry – David Yurman keeps this segment of their selection well within the boundaries of classic design. If you seek the company's avant-guard, risk-taking creations, the rings, bracelets and separate items from earring and necklace departments will deliver; here, the goal is to reflect the elegant and harmonious side of David Yurman.

Most pendants incorporate gemstones in one way or another, offering diamond pave, cushion, and mosaic patterns. Stones and materials include topaz, amethyst, moon quartz, rubies, pearls, hematite, agate, citrine, turquoise, and precious metals: sterling silver and gold. The latter two occasionally mix in two-tone pieces, creating an interplay of cool gray and warm yellow.

David Yurman Pendant
David Yurman Pendant

Several cable scroll-work enhancers and charms complete the list, offering intricate (but not too much) lattice and tapestry jewelry pieces. Let's take a closer look:


  • Charms form a small department, with appropriately small items – probably the smallest in David Yurman inventory. Common designs include acorn (silver and gems) type, logos (DY, peace sign), hearts, and classic round layouts. Easily attach to a link, leaving lots of space for matching items.

  • Heart pendants, especially pave one, incorporate small, black and translucent diamonds, scattered on a slightly convex bed of sterling silver – generating an uncanny illusion of a moving, beating, lively hearts. More relaxed enhancer opt for the milky moonstone quartz, and smaller sizes.

  • Botanical, Rose Teardrop and Renaissance, display stylized, antique inspired floral motifs, essentially featuring a simplified bloom performed in topaz, hematite, onyx, and other stones. A round cable, sterling silver border may or may not circumvent the piece, lending it a more stern or more liberal flair respectively.

  • Crosses consist of diamond and topaz stones mustered together seemingly randomly, and arranged in the crucifix template; irregular contours of the gems inject this jewelry with a powerful naturalistic quality.


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