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David Yurman Ring Jewelry Review: Cushion, Albion, Confetti, Cable

Updated on January 6, 2015

David Yurman Rings

David Yurman make men's a women's rings, the former category focusing mainly on signets and bands, the latter comprising a much more versatile and deep department that contains some of the brand's most recognizable jewelry.

Women's segment, in turn, divides into several categories: the first consists of classically designed cushion rings of all types and sorts: oval, square, and rectangular – all featuring a centerpiece stone – amethyst, citrine, topaz, onyx, and other, less common stones such as prasiolite and chalcedony. Connoisseurs will immediately spot resemblances to Judith Ripka – but only superficial resemblances, as clearly David Yurman prefers calmer, less festive designs.

The second category marks a transition towards the iconic cable collection(already some of the cushion feature a cable shaped shank): Confetti rings, multi-rowed, carry oval, square, round, and leaf shaped gemstones dispersed rhythmically across the wires not unlike celebratory lights on electric cords. Some of the models are deliciously chaotic.

David Yurman Jewelry Set
David Yurman Jewelry Set


Finally, the brand transposes into pure cable and rope pieces: sculpted, wrapped, bands, X rings, and other models, boldly combining texture and color, presenting unexpected, surprising variations. Let's take a closer look at some of the collections:

  • Albion: as the title implies, it's a cool, reserved jewelry design that makes an immediate and powerful impression of a timeless classic. Admittedly, it's not as exciting as some if the zanier Confetti and Mosaic pieces – but Albion expresses an important architectural quality that permeates through all David Yurman creations: supreme confidence and unshakeable aesthetic confidence.

  • Wheaton is essentially a sophisticated variation of cushion and cable: a large multi-faceted stone rests on a shank of four closely attached cables. The combination of the austere rope design and the luxurious sparkling gem produces a plethora of tensions – visual, textural, and symbolical. A semi-open bezel set with diamonds glues the two parts together.

  • Cable Rings include the stone-based whimsical (and somewhat defiant – but in a mature, serious way) Confetti, the slightly comical Mosaic, and various pearl pieces. Gold, sterling silver, and occasionally diamonds, combine to form the avant-guard Thoroughbred, X, Chiclet, and Sculptured collections. This jewelry functions as comfortably on a dressy/fashion as on a more formal occasion.


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