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Top 10 Best Smelling Men's Colognes for Daytime

Updated on June 4, 2012

Look Familiar?

If this looks familiar you have probably read my hub on Mens Fragrances for night. This hub is going to cover a lot of the same things, except we will talk about how everything applies to day fragrances. If you get the idea and want to skip ahead, my top 10 list can be found below.

Daytime Fragrance vs. Nighttime Fragrance

Just about every guy out there has at least one fragrance that they like to wear everyday. I have decided to explain why its important to have a day time fragrance and a night time fragrance. The fragrance you choose to wear is a representation of who you are. The idea is that some fragrances just don't work in certain situations, for instance, have you been around someone wearing a really heavy perfume on a blazing hot day? It makes you want to get sick! However, if the person was wearing a light, airy perfume it may have been quite nice. This is why it is so important to understand which fragrances work for day time and which should be worn at night.

To understand how I choose these fragrances you need to understand the difference between a night fragrance and a day fragrance. There are certain rules that you can follow to help determine which fragrances work best for the day. These rules can be applied to the individual notes, fragrance accords and even the fragrance wheel.

How to Use the Fragrance Wheel

Micheal Edwards created the fragrance wheel in 1983 to help classify fragrance. The fragrance wheel has now become a very popular way to classify fragrances. When looking to buy a fragrance to wear during the day you'll want to stick to the left side of the wheel. Green, citrus, and marine type fragrances are perfect for a daytime fragrance.

The right side of the wheel will have scents that are better for wearing at night. Once you smell a few fragrances it becomes pretty easy to tell the differences between a night time fragrance and a day time fragrance.

Best Mens Fragrances of 2011

The fragrances below are perfect for the day, but have you ever wondered which fragrances have top marks. I have put together my top 10 favorite fragrances from the year 2011.

Do you have a day time and a night time fragrance?

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Fragrance Accords for Daytime

Accords are combinations of fragrance notes that make a brand new fragrance note. Accords are often times the words you think of when trying to describe a scent. It can be very difficult to pick out individual notes in a fragrance, but it is much easier to pick out the accords in a fragrance. When shopping for a mens fragrance to wear at during the day you'll want to look for fragrances that make you think of the following words.

  • Citrus
  • Fresh
  • Green
  • Airy
  • Floral

Already know this stuff...

If you already know the difference between a day and night fragrance, skip ahead to my top 10 list below. Below is a bit more information on top, middle and base notes and how they work in day fragrances.

Top Notes

Top notes are the first thing you smell when you smell a fragrance. Day fragrances are often times more dependent upon their top notes. The problem with top notes is that they don't last very long, so many day fragrances will need to be reapplied throughout the day.

Middle Notes

Middle notes in a day fragrance will have a lot more fresh green and water notes. Middle notes will often consist of flowers as well. I personally thing the middle notes is what makes a fragrance good or bad.

Base Notes

All fragrances have base notes. Day fragrances will generally have lighter base notes than a night fragrance. You won't find the heavy musk notes, and other potent base notes in a day fragrance very often.

Key notes in Day Fragrances

Opinions will vary about this, because every person has a different sense of smell. I have put together some common fragrance notes to look for when shopping for a fragrance to wear during the day. The fragrance notes are organized by top, middle and base notes. Fragrances always have a few top notes, middle notes and base notes. Top notes are what you smell first and play a larger role in day fragrances than they do in night fragrances. This is why many day scents do not last as long and need to be reapplied throughout the day. The middle notes are the brains behind the operation; these are the notes that make a fragrance amazing or horrible. Base notes are the heavy hitters that hang out in the background of a fragrance. I also believe many fragrances have bridge notes that sit between each layer of the fragrance. Bridge notes work as a transition from one level to the next and help create a more well rounded scent.

Day Fragrance Top Notes:

  • Bergamot
  • Lemon
  • Mandarin
  • Orange

Day Fragrance Top/Middle Bridge

  • Black Pepper
  • Neroli

Day Fragrance Middle Notes

  • Basil
  • Violet Leaves
  • Sea Notes
  • Hyacinth

Day Fragrance Middle/Base Bridge

  • Cedar
  • Lavender

Day Fragrance Base Notes

  • Vetiver
  • Tonka Bean
  • Amber
  • Sandalwood

10: Guerlain Homme Guerlain

This sophisticated fragrance was released in 2008. Guerlain has a strong green and citrus note to it that will leave you feeling refreshed. Guerlain brings to mind an ice cold mojito on a sizzling hot day. This is perfect fragrance for hot climates and is ideal for wearing during the day.

9: Essential Lacoste

Essential Lacoste came out in 2005. This fragrance has a nice fruity accord to it that is blended with several green notes. This fragrance has a nice fresh scent that is non intrusive. If you're looking for a fragrance to wear to work this might be a good one for you.

8: Infusion d`Homme Prada

This fragrance is bit more heavy than the previous ones mentioned on the list. Infusion by Prada has a strong woody note with a hint of flowery, powder accords. This fragrance has a clean and refreshing scent to it. It will make you feel like you just stepped out of the shower.

7: Dior Homme Sport Dior

This is another fresh, clean fragrance. Dior Homme Sport has a strong lemon and ginger note to it. This fragrance is invigorating and will lift the spirits of the people around you.

6: Versace Pour Homme Versace

Versace Pour Homme is a very masculine fragrance even with its strong floral notes. Its manages to smell clean and fresh without going over the top. This is a great fragrance for those who enjoy light fragrances that leave the feeling clean and refreshed.

4: Allure Homme Edition Blanche Chanel

This a great fragrance that will get you those compliments you're looking for. This fragrance is non-intrusive so it's a great choice if you looking for something to wear to work. This is a nice, subtle fragrance that everyone likes.

5: Versace Man Eau Fraiche Versace

This woody, citrus fragrance was released in 2006. This is a nice aquatic fragrance that has strong apple and lemon notes. If you enjoy light and clean fragrances, this is a fragrance that you will love.

3: Aqva Pour Homme Bvlgari

This is probably the nicest aquatic fragrance out there at the moment. This refreshing and energetic fragrance is something that everyone will love. This fragrance will have you thinking of the ocean all day.

2: L'Homme Yves Saint Laurent

This is a fresh yet spicy fragrance. L'Homme by Yves Saint Laurent was released in 2006 and has become fairly popular. It has a strong ginger and bergamot notes that lead into violet leaves and black pepper. This is a very masculine, daytime fragrance that is sure to go over well.

1: Allure Homme Sport Chanel

Allure Homme Sport by Chanel is a sparkling, citrus fragrance that is probably most peoples favorite daytime fragrance. This is a fragrance that is sure to generate plenty of compliments. This is a masterful blend of citrus, sea notes and aldehydes. You really can not go wrong with this one.


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