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Dazzling Wedding Jewelry That Every Bride-To-Be Must Know

Updated on April 1, 2016

A bride would look incomplete without her dangles, bangles and, of course, a choker that would complete her look. In short, a bride will look incomplete without jewelry. Therefore, if you are a bride-to-be, make sure you purchase dazzling jewelrythat would make you look like an imperial goddess. There is variety of bridal jewelry found in our country India, and each type of jewelry sprouts from each state. For example, people from the south wear a different type of wedding attire andjewelry, and same goes for the other parts of India. So, can you imagine how vivid our country's jewelry collection is?

Every state of India has its own unique wedding jewelry collection, but, that doesn't mean you have to wear jewelry according to your state's or communities specialty. Wear women accessories that are unique, and are not worn by women of your community because that's going to make you look exclusive! If you are unaware about some of the famous and unique wedding jewelry, then you must definitely go through this post.

The Ravishing Kaan Bala

If you want to wear earrings that are going to draw everyone's attention to your ears, then hands-down go for Kaan Bala. Kaan Bala is a traditional jewelry from Bengal, which is made of gold. The term 'kaan' means ears, and this jewelry is namedkaan bala because it is designed in a way that takes the shape of ears. Any bride would look excellent wearing this beautiful earrings.

Hathphool Will Increase Your Hand's Charm

Haathphool is a very pretty hand ornament that originated in the vibrant state of Rajasthan. Hathphool (meaning hand flower) are worn by women belonging to Royal Rajasthani families on their wedding day. This jewelry basically consists of a metallic flower embedded with stones, and the flower is then connected to the wrist through a bracelet, and to the fingers through five finger rings. Though this charming hand jewelry is from Rajasthani, there are many other women in India, especially the Lucknowi nawabs' daughters who wear hathphool on their nikaa (marriage).

Replace Maangtika With Shinka

More than half of the Indian brides are seen wearing maangtikas on their wedding; but, if you want to look different, then go for a different head accessory such as a Shinka. Shinka is basically a traditional Gujarati jewelry worn by the bride-to-be, but any woman can wear it. So, whether you are Bengali, South Indian or a north Indian, you can wear this head accessory and look stunning.

Sapta Lahiri will make you look queenly

‘Sapta lahiri’ is another bridal jewelry, which is mostly worn by Bengali brides. This jewelry is basically a necklace that has seven strings, each embellished or studded with stones in them. If you don't feel like wearing too many necklaces on yourwedding, then just wear a sapta lahiri that is a single neckpiece, but acts as seven necklaces.

If your wedding bells are ringing, then do go out for shopping and don't forget to purchase wedding jewelry that are unique just like the ones mentioned above, and you are surely going to look regal.


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