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Dealing with oily skin

Updated on January 30, 2012

Oily Skin

Oily skin can look very unattractive. There is nothing more annoying than walking out of the house and fifteen minutes later you look into a mirror and look like a glitter ball. On the upside, oily skin ages much slower than dry skin. So whenever you feel like cursing your shiny forehead, stop and remember the good thing about your skin.

Things you can do to improve oily skin

You can’t really stop your skin from being oily but there are things you can do to control the oiliness of your skin;

Don’t wash your face more than twice a day. Too much washing will dry out the skin and cause it to produce more oil. So once in the morning and once again at night will be sufficient.

Try using natural soaps. One good soap that gives great results and is a natural soap that is chemical free is African black soap. When buying natural soaps be sure to always buy from a reputable and certified supplier.

Invest in a good moisturiser

Try to avoid moisturizers that are for dry skin. Some of them dry out the skin making it feel tight. Like the washing the skin too often this too will dry out the skin and will begin to produce more oil. This is something you want to avoid. Some good moisturisers like day cream by L’Oreal and Garnier will do the trick.

Invest in good foundation

If you do wear makeup, try and find makeup that’s suited for oily skin. Make sure it’s a trusted brand and that it won’t clog up your pores but instead helps nourish your skin. The Mac range has been really great for my skin. The powder alone provides good coverage and keeps away the shine.

Deep cleanse

Deep cleanse your face at least once a week. This will help control the oil and keep your face clean.

To deep cleanse

-Wash face as per normal

-Exfoliate with a facial brush to remove dead skin

-Steam your face to open the pores and to extract dirt

-Apply a mask (The clay mask sachets do just fine) the clay will help draw out any impurities that have been left in the skin

-Wash off mask tone and moisturise

This routine should help keep the skin clean and less oily.

Control oily skin from the inside out

Add lots of fresh fruit, leafy greens and whole grains to your diet. This helps your skin all round. Avoid excess fat, smoking and over indulgence of alcohol. It is also a good idea to keep a note of what foods causes your skin to be a lot oilier. This way you can avoid those foods.


As well as a healthy diet exercise also keeps the skin glowing. Exercise increases circulation and delivery of nutrients to skin cells. Also sweating during exercise helps unclog your pores that could be contributing to oily skin.

Each and every individual is different and react differently to certain treatments. It’s through trial and error that you will find the best method that will work for you.


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