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Debenhams to sell hijabs

Updated on February 15, 2017
Muslim fashion group
Muslim fashion group | Source
Emblem of British store
Emblem of British store | Source

Where ever you go in the UK now Islam and Muslims have become whether you like it or not a part of the UK. Mosques now make up major places of worship in British towns and cities as they do in the US, Europe and other places around the world.

The Muslim population of the UK is largely made up of people from the Indian subcontinent like India and Pakistan. There are also Bosnians, Somalis, Arabs, Turks and Albanians plus others from around the world who have come to the UK and made the country their home. There are also a growing number of Native Brit converts who for reasons best known to them have converted to Islam.

The Muslims in Britain are also British born people from the above communities who have integrated to a degree with Native Brits but others feel alienated with some turning to crime or religious extremism. The Pakistani communities that are large in places like Birmingham in a place called 'Ladypool Road' tend to keep themselves to themselves with their own shops and places of worship where if a Native Brit enters into these areas you feel like an outsider in your country (I know I have been to these places).

Debenhams a major store in the UK will start selling Muslim clothing especially hijabs from May this year where a company called Aab will set up shop in Debenhams in Oxford Street in London. There will then be a roll out across the country at Debenhams store for Aab in places like Birmingham's Bull Ring Shopping Centre, West Field in Shepherds Bush, Manchester's Trafford Centre, Leicester's High Cross Shopping Centre.

Many Brits are angry at a British store selling Muslim clothing when it was announced by the British paper 'The Daily Mail'. Islam as I have said has become a piece of the furniture in Britain and perhaps Debehams in selling Muslim gear are reflecting this but whether you accept this as a non - Muslim is another thing.

Short history of UK Islam

1) Islam first came to UK in 16th Century

2) There were some early British converts

3) British Islamic Society been around for hundreds of years

4) UK census population in 2011 was 2,706,066

5) 4.5 % of UK population

6) There were reckoned from the census to be 100,000 Native Brit converts

7) Most Muslims in UK of the Sunni denomination

8) Many British Muslim populations especially Pakistani tend to lead isolated lives in their own ghettos and have little contact sometimes with Native Brits

9) EDL and Britain First march against what they see as creeping Islam in the UK

10) Muslims appear in many parts of British society now


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