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Defense Scars Cream

Updated on December 31, 2014

Marks on my face

If you are like me as we age by are more concerned as to how we look when we get up in the morning, leaving going to work, or just socializing with friends. We know we will never look 16 years old again but we still want to look our best when we can. For me I have scar on my chin.

More facts

I know you cannot see it but I can do daily. It is my point that I am always covering up to make sure you are not looking at it at all. It looks like dimple in the chin but it is the result of a bicycle accident where I lost control and hit a parked car when the breaks did not work. This is the finished product from the cream and may I add that it has given me confidence that with more of the cream I will get a better result this is a natural and organic product which gives an organic formula of organic cocoa butter and Shea butter, along with some extra plants oils. Those oils include plant oils and other vitamins. This cream is considered to leave the skin both moist and nourished from the product contents. It was give the claim that there are not harsh parabens, sulfates or phthalates in this product.

First application to the last this has been creamy and smooth feeling. The Defense cream is not oily, greasy or feeling it clogs the pours. The balance that the product claims and does is helpful when you are on medications that some products may leave the skin burning, sticky or just does not feel like the product is working. Body Merry’s Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream is a great product to have in the home when trying to make those little scars disappear.

Facts and ideas

We all have marks of some kind that we wish we did not have this can be for both men and women. Marks on hips, stomach, neck, legs, arms, shoulders and sure there are spots I have not listed.

Real talk about stretch marks is that is caused by the elastic fibers in the bind of shin commonly called collagen can become overstressed which results in tears in skin some are small some are larger. Commonly we think that stretch marks only happen when pregnant but they can come many other things like weight loss or gain, some athletics can have them.


Let me just add that this product does not totally remove the stretch mark or marks on face or skin but it does reduce or fade the discoloration to the skin to the point that it is less noticeable.

Looking for the product to help reduce the signs of stretch marks then you can get a great deal for the money with Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream.


Scars for LIFE

When I was riding my bike once I lost control from hitting a rock which caused me to hit a parked car and my chin got the worst of the blow. You the final results from using Stretch Marks Cream. This is one of my new foundation of my youth that I currently using hoping that this scars gets better than what you see from this photo.


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