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Demi Photoshopped Some More in Perfume Ad

Updated on February 18, 2012

Just as Demi Moore started to brush off the scandal surrounding the outrageous photoshopping of her W cover shoot, another photoshop uproar has surfaced. This time her image in the Helena Rubenstein Wanted, a new perfume, is under fire. Perfumistas have been mulling over this one for months.

But first, let's catch everyone up to speed. Alright, so November 2009 rolled around, and everyone was enamored by Demi's ultra fierce December 2009 cover shot for W. But, wait! There seems to be a chunk of Demi's delicate hip missing in this photo! While rumors were thrown around, the beautifully-aging actress flung back vitriolically.

Demi cried, "Bulls***". On Twitter, she cried even more: "Here is the original image people my hips were not touched don't let these people bulls*** you!" Suddenly, the future of this media-embracing actress seemed to darken. Public opinions in digital forums were not on the side of this celebrity.

One Demi-supporter suggested that maybe Demi's hips were shifted. With an intensely emotional response, Demi replied, "Exactly, and I have no hips!" In hopes of salvaging her image, Demi's lawyer fired a backlash, stating that her reputation and livelihood (and her sense of self-identity, we're beginning to suspect) depended on her image of youthful beauty. Boing Boing, a media blog, responded to Demi's attempt to censor the photoshopping speculations by defending its right to question an image's validity.

"At no point was it the intent of this blog, or this blogger, to insult or offend Ms. Moore, who has embraced the openness of internet culture by way of frequent and intimate Twitter updates. […] We are a blog about digital culture, after all, and the technical and creative details that go into producing the images we consume are an essential part of our culture. Yes, the discussion at hand is only about an image of a celebrity […] But the ability to freely discuss the provenance and technical history of a photo, including […] say, images of detainee abuse, or Iranian missiles — is a freedom we believe should be preserved.”

Think that's bad enough? Wait, things only got worse.

Bloggers surfaced a side-by-side comparison of W's US cover and Korean cover. An obvious hip reduction had been in practice. All this airbrushing and deceit had people wondering if this actually was Demi's miraculously preserved 47-year old body, in the first place. So, more photos were brought in.

Soon it was suggested that this wasn't Demi's body at all! The skinny sheath was suggested to belong to Anja Rubik. Photographed on the runway for Balmain's spring 2010 show, Anja Rubik is dressed in the same golden gladiator outfit. Despite the slight postural differences, the bodies seemed strikingly similar.

And the fabulousness of this whole celeb-oshop scandal is that Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the creative team behind the W cover, also created another photoshop scandal which, of course, involves Demi Moore again! 

First surfacing in June 25, 2009 on NowSmellThis, Demi Moore's Helena Rubenstein Wanted perfume ad was put under fire by perfumistas. Early on, they suspected a case of over-enthusiastic photoshopping.

Perfumesecrets, posted on 9 July 2009, "Hmm, very retouched. That doesn’t even look like Demi. That person looks 25." And Daisy, posted on 8 July 2009, "Demi is gorgeous even when she’s not airbrushed into a plastic doll….and I think she’s a fine choice as their front person."

With wrinkles, baggy arms and all, this woman is still stunning. It's just that the flaunting of unnaturally well-preserved beauty (especially in an industry where multiple plastic surgeries reign as the norm) is only asking for it. As we Demi's retort, we can only think she has cried "natural" too many times for us to believe!


Helena Rubenstein is beauty brand and perfumer with other classic scents like Barynia and Courant. Other recently released celebrity-fronted scents, like YSL Parisienne (Kate Moss), Givenchy Ange ou Demon (Uma Thurman), Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One (Scarlett Johansson), can be snatched for low prices at online discount perfume retailers.

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