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Denim Hot Pants | An Honest Discussion

Updated on August 12, 2010

Hot pants aren't for just anyone. They're only for people who are feeling really warm and don't want to wear too much clothing. They're quintessential summer attire and in spite of what some snarky fashion bloggers might have to say on the issue, you don't actually have to be size 0 to wear them.

Sure, there's a point at which less is not necessarily more, and if you find that wearing hot pants creates excessive thigh bulging and chafing, then a nice loose skirt might be a more flattering clothing option – or a bigger pair of hot pants. Never underestimate the power of going up a size when it comes to clothing. Too many of us cling to the notion of being a size 'x' only to be shamed when designers create clothing in apparently arbitrary sizes just to mess with our heads.

But back to hot pants. There are all manner of cuts of hot pants, some being more revealing than others. Avoid cuts that make reference to 'cheeky' if you don't want to display your butt to the world at large. It is possible to purchase less revealing hot pants as well, or even to make your own using old jeans and a pair of scissors.

Personally I am a fan of hot pants for beach or pool wear (when not actually swimming) because they tend to cover a little more than swimsuit bottoms do and therefore make me feel more comfortable when larking about. If you're not larking about when you visit the beach or a pool, then you are doing it wrong.

Whether home made or store brought, hot pants are fun, funky pieces of attire that should be worn with a light heart. Girls with curves can make hot pants hot by not going too far on the hotness, if you know what I mean. We're not all pint size Minogues and we don't need to pretend we are. Having said that, there's nothing wrong with giving the skin tight 'cheeky' cuts a miss and choosing a more flattering style.

Is cellulite a hot pant killer? Given that most women over the age of 20 are sporting some amount of cellulite, it doesn't have to be. Indeed, wearing short shorts and running about the place getting a healthy (sun smart) tan probably does more for cellulite reduction and positive body image than hiding oneself away. Too often we allow the natural female form to be called 'disgusting', shaming women into long pants and long skirts and forcing them into inactivity that only makes the problem worse.

Wear your hot pants with pride. Enjoy the summer sun, it comes but one season a year. Be fit, be happy, be healthy.


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