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Dental Care Information

Updated on August 15, 2011

Tonsillolith Elimination Tips & Techniques Exposed

Tonsillolith or tonsil stones are a condition when the crevasses of the tonsils have clusters of calcified material formed in them. They occur in two places; one of the most commonly occurred is in palatine tonsils and another where it is occurred rarely is in the lingual tonsils. The average weight of Tonsillolith is recorded as 300 mg to around 40 g. Tonsillolith are basically formed of calcium but also constitutes some other minerals too like phosphorus, magnesium, carbonate and minute quantity of ammonia.

On of the type of Tonsillolith is protruding Tonsillolith. The feeling is like that of the tonsil crypt being lodged with the foreign objects and although they are not usually harmful, they are quite a nuisance and very difficult to eliminate. They also result in the causing of halitosis which is commonly known as bad breathe.

Since these Tonsilloliths generate a foul odor and can make meals terrible, so they are a problem for many individuals. They need to be treated in order to be removed and this is possible to follow some techniques and tips. They are more common in adults than in children and its symptoms include a metallic taste after having food, tightening or closing of throats, fits of cough or choking. If the Tonsillolith is on a large scale and is severe, then infection can occur followed with a sore throat. Sometimes, the tonsil also swells and this develops an ache in ear. It becomes very painful to swallow food. According to a medical survey, it was reported that around 75% of the people who have a problem of bad breathe have tonsils whereas 6% of the people who had a normal breathe had Tonsillolith.

The Tonsillolith can be treated by cleansing tonsil stones and tonsil crypts with the usage of a oral irrigator. However, it should be assured that the irrigator is right and an electric irrigator should be avoided because of their force, which can damage the tonsils and be painful. If the electric irrigator is used, there are high chances of developing an infection. To mildly get rid of these Tonsillolith, it is important that the tonsils are thoroughly washed everyday.

Curettages are also used in order to remove the Tonsillolith if they are on a large scale. However, even this process requires irrigation so that the remnants are effectively washed out.

Thus with the help of these techniques, Tonsilloliths can be effectively removed and the problem of bad breathe can be reduced.

Regular Dental Check Up is Very Important

It is advised to visit a dentist twice a year for check-ups and dental care and cleansing. Dental care and hygiene is comparatively given less importance, than the other body parts and dental maintenance is not so much focused. People who are in a danger of acquiring dental diseases due to ill health should pay regular visits to the dentist. During pregnancy and diabetes, a person is more likely to develop a gum disease. This may also happen if a person is an alcohol addict or a tobacco addict. After taking in considerations these factors and oral health, a dentist can determine how much visits a person should pay for examination and treatment.

Regular dental check ups are important because they help to ensure that a person has a good dental health and if there is some problem, so it can be easily diagnosed and detected and treatment can also be started. This help to prevent further and serious dental diseases like oral cancer, gum diseases and cavities. Some people are of the opinion that regularly brushing and flossing teeth can ensure dental health and so they do not need to go to a dentist which is wrong. The food and drinks that we intake everyday and our careless attitude also spoils dental health which cannot be maintained just by regular brushing and flossing which is the reason why dental check ups are important. Since many of the individuals belong to working class, so they are likely to neglect their dental problems and act carelessly and specially people who are found of drinking coffee, tea, or smoking tobacco. These beverages are likely to cause discoloration and may result in staining teeth which is a drawback to a good personality and lowers the confidence level. Therefore, dental checkups ensures al these things are checked and treated accordingly.

Regular dental checkups also help to correct the teeth positioning by using appliances and other procedures and techniques which may take months. Teeth positioning is important because it helps add goodwill to the personality of the person. Some dentists also recommend teeth whitening to patients, whose teeth has lost their color and have become yellow due to smoking, taking coffee, tea or alcohol. These people are also recommended dental fillings to restore their dental health and this is only possible if a person consults and visits a dentist after every six months.

Laser Gum Therapy - A Brief Overview

Today, gum disease is said to be the most prevalent disease in the globe, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many researchers and medical professionals are also of the opinion that heart disease and strokes are somehow linked with the gum ailments. Gum disease is usually a silent disease and as it takes it roots and become severe, only then it becomes painful and noticeable. But by the time the gum disease develops and goes in the later stage, there is already subsequent bone loss. That is the reason it is advisable to see a dentist every six months so that diseases, such like this can be detected and diagnosed only in their initial stages and this can help save time for treatment and health can be restored without much difficulty.

Gum diseases are mainly caused due to bacteria when they strain specifically. Periodontal diseases cause trouble when they have become worse and this happens when the oral health of teeth is neglected. With the advent of science and technology, the treatment of such diseases has become possible if done by an experienced person. LAPNAP laser gum therapy is the first gum surgery ever discovered and quite successful. Laser therapy is beneficial and affects only limited tissues and does not involve healthy gum tissue. The major advances of adopting laser gum surgery for any kind of periodontal disease is that it kills the bacteria present in the gum up to 99.9% (which is nearly all bacteria). The wave length that is emanated by using laser gum therapy is minute and does not affect bones or the tooth structure as it is not absorbed by them. While other therapies involve use of surgical knives to make cuts, laser gum therapy is free from all such pains and all treatment is done through laser. As compared to laser gum therapy, other treatments involve a lot of bleeding whereas in laser gum therapy, there is no such bleeding and the nerve endings are cauterized. Since there is no bleeding and no cuts, so after taking laser gum therapy a patient does not require any medicine and even if he does, it is a mild one like ibuprofen. Laser gum treatment helps reduce the amount of bacteria present in the mouth and helps natural healing. Since the time of recovery is less, so many of the periodontal patients prefer using this treatment.

Going for Dental Implant is a Wise Move

A titanium root used in dentistry is known as a dental implant and it serves many purposes. It helps to support restorations which is similar to a tooth and is implanted to substitute missing teeth. It can also be a group of teeth. Since these implants possess a root form and they are placed within the bone of the area where the teeth is missing, so they almost look like a real teeth. It becomes difficult to tell that they are artificial and not real and because of this reason, every individual having the problem of missing teeth or other dental problem prefers a root-form end osseous implant. With the help of an implant procedure known as osseointegration, the fake tooth looks like an actual tooth as the bone is accepted and ossiointegrated with the titanium post.

Dental implant are very useful and supports many dental prostheses like crowns, dentures and implant-supported bridges and can also be beneficial for orthodontic tooth movement and can be used as anchorage. With the usage of dental implants, the tooth movement occurs in a unidirectional way and avoids reciprocal action.

People now prefer dental implants rather than appliances and dentures as they help the person to speak confidently and eat without hesitation and fear that the dentures might come out and cause embarrassment. Replacing teeth through dental implantation helps to improve dental health and also improves the health of other teeth which can be affected if the other teeth are missing. Going for dental implantation is a wise move as the missing tooth might hinder chewing process which can be improved if a substitute is planted and it prevents the loss, ripping, crowding or eroding of other teeth present in the jaw. Also, dental implantation is important because when the tooth is lost due to any reason like dental injury, tooth decay, gum diseases like gingivitis then a person’s self esteem is badly affected as the jaw does not look complete and getting a dental implant makes the jaw look complete and absolutely natural. Previously, bridges and dentures were used to replace the lost teeth which did not look so genuine but dental implants are technically designed and done by experienced dentists therefore the replacement teeth remains intact and does not move or loosens.

Dental implants is a wise move as they help an individual to carry their tasks like eating, smiling and chewing confidently and comfortably.

Bad Breath - How to Get Rid of It?

Bad breath is caused due to several reasons. Sometimes it is because of a result in medical complication like tonsillitis. It is also known as halitosis and occurs when the bacteria in the mouth tongue or tonsils have started acting. Bad breath is the most embarrassing thing and lowers a person’s confidence level and gives a bad impression. As bad breathe is a result of the reacting bacteria, so they require some chemicals to constitute bad breathe. Bad breathe is similar to the smell of rotting meat, rotten eggs, ruined living flesh, smelly feet etc. However, the main cause of bad breathe among people is the poor oral hygiene and dry mouth (mouth secreting insufficient saliva). Dramatically expressed, bad breathe is foul enough to wilt a flower. According to a research, nearly 90% people suffer from halitosis and it happens because the bacteria have broken down skin cells and the left over food remnants in the mouth start to react. The most efficient way to get rid of bad breathe is regular brushing, flossing and rinsing of mouth but these steps that involve taking care of oral hygiene can be temporary. Although brushing and using mouth wash do help a lot reduce he amount of decomposing remnants in mouth, yet it is said that bad breathe usually happens to those who have high smelling things like garlic, liver, onions etc. It is important to brush your tongue along with your teeth to remove bad breathe and when the bacteria is eradicated from mouth and tongue, then the chances of foul odor are lessened.

Usually, bad breathe occurs to patients who are prescribed medicines by doctors and in taking those medicines leave their mouth dry. Hence, when there is no saliva to fight bacteria and wash mouth, bad breathe is caused extensively.

There are following ways which after following an individual can get rid of bad breathe. They are as follows.

1. Frequent use of mouthwash and gargles can help remove badly breathe for a long time.

2. Drinking ample water can also lessen foul odor as water keeps the mouth wet and mainly bad breathe is caused when the mouth is dry.

3. If a person is using medicine, it is important for that person to rinse the mouth thoroughly with water after taking medicines.

4. Change your tooth brush after every 3-4 months.


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    • Hanookai profile image


      6 years ago from 4312 Woodman Ave. Suite 100 Sherman Oaks Los Angeles

      Yes I agree regular checkup with dentist make good oral health. Very informative hub.


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