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Depends Silhouette for Women: a Product Review

Updated on June 19, 2012

As we get older, many of us are experiencing incontinence which has resulted in a large market for adult diapers and the like. In the past, people had to buy bulky pads that resembled sanitary napkins and that were not that comfortable to wear. No one who has to wear such an item wants it to be seen through their clothing. That has resulted in the development of products that resemble children's pull on pants.

While browsing my usual coupon and free sample sites I came across a sample for Depend Silhouette for Women Briefs (they also have the same product for men). According to the brochure the product "looks, fits and feels like real underwear." So, I thought I would try them out just in case I will need them in the future. After all, the commercial on TV that I saw had two figure skaters wearing them under their tight costumes and nothing showed.

Two sample pack of Depends Silhouette for Women
Two sample pack of Depends Silhouette for Women | Source

The Sample Appears at My Door

After about six weeks, and after I had almost forgotten I had ordered the free sample, I received a notice to pick up a package at the post office. I wasn't sure this was it because it was addressed to me or to the current occupant. Anyway, off I went to the post office to pick up my package. When I got home I opened the package; there were two pairs of underwear in small/medium and large/extra large along with a $2 off coupon.

Depends Silhouette for Women sample
Depends Silhouette for Women sample | Source

Trying on the Free Sample of Depends Silhouette for Women

I kept putting off trying them on but finally decided I would wear a pair for one day when I knew that I was not going out to see how they worked. I tried on the small/medium because the large/extra large looked massive. When I pulled the panties on they fit very nicely, they had an elasticized waist and legs and did feel like real underwear, on top at least. However, there was a huge pad between my legs which really did not feel that comfortable; then again it had been years since I had worn a sanitary napkin so I imagined I would get used to it.

I then pulled on a pair of shorts that are not that tight. I could definitely feel the pad in the rear and it would most likely be visible to others; it's possible they might have fit better with tighter pants or with a loose dress but I doubt it. I decided to keep wearing them, maybe they would flatten out the more I sat on them. After an hour of wearing the panties I was very uncomfortable. I have very sensitive skin and it was irritating my bottom. There was no lasting problem but I ended up removing the panties after about 4 hours. Silhouette for Women might be the answer to some women but it is definitely not for me; I need something lined in real cotton, not paper. I'm sure I'm not the only woman with sensitive skin.

My Opinion

Regardless of my personal experience, I feel this is a good step forward in dealing with what seems to be a growing problem. I feel it is a much better solution than taking drugs to solve the problem; drugs that seem to have much more serious side effects than incontinence. Many people do not want to admit they have an overactive bladder and will try anything to hide it. Hopefully, in the future there will be more comfortable solutions.


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  • sofs profile image


    6 years ago from From the land of wonders

    I hope I don't ever have to wear those... does not really sound very comfy from your experience. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 

    6 years ago from Sunny Florida

    I hope don't have to resort to the panties either, but it is good to know they are comfortable.

  • writer20 profile image

    Joyce Haragsim 

    6 years ago from Southern Nevada

    I so hope I don't have to get used to anything liked you hub. I hated wearing those pads when I had to.

    Voted up useful and interesting, Joyce.


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