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Derma Rolling Treatments

Updated on September 30, 2013
Derma Roller
Derma Roller

Derma Rolling Explained

Derma rolling seems to be the new process to correct scars or imperfections on the body. So what in the world is Derma rolling? The Derma roller is a circular drum lined with very thin, tiny needles. It rolls over the scar tissue to break it up and open the scar, causing the skin cells to multiply, and new elastin and collagen fibres to form.

Good for Any Skin

The great thing about a derma rolling treatment is it is less invasive than having a laser treatment or other skin treatment done, that can cause the skin to be open to infection and possibly scarring. With derma rolling treatments you are free to use it on any skin colour or type without worrying about any hyper-pigmented skin after the procedure.

The Treatment

Treatment with derma rollers consists of cleaning the face, numbing the face with a topical cream so you don’t feel it, and then the skin is rolled with the drum containing the tiny needles. The nice thing about the treatment is there are no lasers or lights. The face is completely free of infection about an hour after the procedure because the tiny holes from the treatment have closed in that time.

Damaged Skin

This treatment was created to help people have better looking skin without all of the many side effects of using the traditional skin treatments such as lasers, skin peeling treatments, harsh chemicals, and pills. The recommended treatment is only three sessions; with six to eight weeks in between each visit so you do not harm your skin. But, depending on the condition of the tissue, this can be repeated three to five times; Always consult with your doctor before you just decide to make more appointments though.

No Side Effects

Hundreds of thousands of procedures with the derma roller have been done and none of them showed any signs of side effects. Derma rolling is probably the only skin treatment you can do without some sort of scary side effect. Derma rolling is really safe and effective without causing excruciating pain and embarrassing side effects.

Derma rolling treatments should be used with caution. Even though there are no known side effects to date; you can gain side effects from any treatment if you use it too often.

If you want to have Derma rolling treatment but are unsure; maybe you should consult with your physician or a skin specialist before you make an appointment.

Clear Glowing Skin

Derma rolling could be the best thing ever, if used properly: Have you always dreamed of great, amazing, clear skin? If the answer is yes then you will love the derma rolling treatment. I would definitely recommend this if you have a bigger, more noticeable scar that you have been trying to hide for years. The professionals performing the derma rolling are amazing and will do everything they can to help you reduce the scars the best they can. With no side effects or excruciating pain, what more could you ask for from a skin treatment? Go ahead and try it now!

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