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Derma Seta - As Seen On Tv Mini Spa

Updated on April 11, 2011

Derma Seta

I was recently on a trip to Canada when I saw an infomercial for a brand new hair removal and mini skin care product called Derma Seta. Although I have not personally tried the Derma Seta hair removal system and mini spa, it did look kind of cool.

The infomercial said that Derma Seta is a way to help remove hair painlessly (that was the key selling point for me since I go to the spa for waxing and actually have to go again this week) and can be done at home. The thing is that waxing hurts and I hate the after feeling too. It is painful, expensive and for me it is also embarrassing so I am always looking for alternatives to having to go get waxed (Not that I have that much hair to get waxed anyways). They showed a guy in the show and showed his chest before using the Derma Seta hair removal machine and then all of the women walked up to him with their DermaSeta machines and began to use them on him to get rid of his chest hair.

When the infomercial came back they still had the guy there and when they showed how well the DermaSeta machines took the body hair off of the guy I was completely sold on wanting to give the DermaSeta a try for myself. Unfortunately I do not live in Canada but I live in the USA and I could not find the Derma Seta available for sale here. I did however find some websites in other countries where you could order a Derma Seta Machine.

Derma Seta in Canada

Derma Seta in the UK

Derma Seta in Austrailia

It looks like the only English speaking country you cannot buy a DermaSeta hair removal machine in is the USA which kind of stinks but ohh well. I guess it is time to keep looking for other hair removal alternatives instead of waxing which I am currently doing.

So what is the Derma Seta?

Derma Seta is a professional mini spa in the palm of your hands. It not only removes unwanted body hair like the infomercial shows, but it also looks like it comes with a bunch of spa styled attachments to massage you, remove calluses and even has a deep cleaning brush attachment. I really love the idea of having all of this on one machine, especially the exfoliation attachment because right now I have and use multiple tools and gadgets to do all of this. The Derma Seta infomercial looks like it not only does all of this, but it looks pretty compact which also means I can store it under the sink in the cabinet in my bathroom (assuming they start selling it in the USA).

I personally got sold on the Derma Seta commercial and would love to give it a try, the problem is I cannot figure out where to buy Derma Seta machines in the USA so until it becomes available it is one painless hair removal machine I'll have to live without.


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    • profile image

      Wilma 5 years ago

      I like it, but cannot find parts, Thane is all out? Does anyone know were to get the parts?

    • profile image

      priyanka 5 years ago

      cn sum1 lt me knw hw long does d pad last..n is it lyk shavin or d hair growth is slow..let me knw if sum1 usd it cuz m thinkin of orderin 1

    • profile image

      Dinky 6 years ago

      Hi I belong 2 a small village soon going for further studies in chandigarh.Really worried abt my look.Want to buy dermaseta,could u plz suggest whether Ishould buy or go 4some other option of hair removable products.

    • profile image

      Sahar 6 years ago

      I ordered mine after seeing the commercial but i still havent received the package .. I just wanna know how long does the pad last and where can we get a substitute?

    • profile image

      sarubai osman 6 years ago

      Hi i'm from kenya.. i'v admired the derma seta on tv, is there a way i can have it deliverd to me here?? please advice....

    • profile image

      hania 6 years ago

      i live in Pakistan .... can anyone please pleae tell me how can i order derma seta from pakistan??

    • profile image

      Kris  6 years ago

      I have just used the DermaSeta on my legs and it works well. But where do you buy replacement parts.

    • profile image

      shikha 6 years ago

      well i m in a pandamonium state whether to buy it or not

      well d thing is that i really wannna know whether derma seta remove d hairs frm root like waxing or it breafks the hair frm d skin surface juzz like razer nd hw fast d hair grows back

      we dont wannna take it as a new problem and regret it

      but we want to hav it as a solution

      i hav strong and thick hairs so plzzz advice me as soon as possible

      thank you

      regards !

    • profile image

      Karoline 6 years ago

      Well I have tried the derma seta, and to me it works perfectly. Some say's it hurt, and so on - but if you do it the right way - not pushing the machine into your skin, but gently run it on top of your skin. Then it is perfect.

    • profile image

      Rebecca 6 years ago

      So it does work? I was thinking of getting one but I'm still in a dilemma as to whether it will really work :/

    • profile image

      Estelle 7 years ago

      I called the infomercial # and ordered mine last Sunday, I received it like 2 or 3 days later. I didnt even pay for express shipping. I did not try it yet, i was serching online for results from other people and found this blog.

    • profile image

      rhonda 7 years ago

      I ordered mine today. I'll be back and let you know how long it takes to get here, and if it really works. The only way to save people from a headache or positie is someone willing to tell the truth no matter what. And i will. I also wanted to say that we ordered the nuwave similar to the one that Mr.T shows and its been the best purchase ever.

    • profile image

      musicloverxoxo 7 years ago

      I live in Canada and I have the money for it, but the problem is I'm not sure if its ganna work! Because I also saw a commercial for the smooth away and from what I watched I thought that it was amazing and ship, so I bought it for like 16 something plus tax and it barely works. Also the pads doesn't last for long and I wanna return it but I'm not sure if their ganna accept it & I don't wanna make the same mistake again, so should I buy it or not???!!??????

    • profile image

      sh 7 years ago

      has anyone really used it?? I want to know how long it will take for the hair to grow back, is it like shaving that the hair grows back fast or is it like waxing that the hair grows back slower???

    • profile image

      Marianne 7 years ago

      Does anyone know for how long a hair removal pad works?

    • profile image

      Caroline 7 years ago

      Remember to search on YouTube "Derma Seta instructional" before using!

      Many have burned themselfes because they used DermaSeta in one spot for too long, and they say in the instructional video that you can not use the DermaSeta in one spot for too long.

    • profile image

      Shay 7 years ago

      I want one but I live in NZ and I can't find them either!! And I just watched the ad on t.v. anyone know if i can get one here?

    • profile image

      RollerbladerDC 7 years ago

      Hi CG. Yup, I had the same issue but when I went back up to Canada this time and my friend has one so I got to try it (pictures to come soon). The product worked well but it was very loud. It also left my skin a little red (but so does waxing). It is a pretty good product but you're right, I cannot find it for the US either.