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Dermablend Reviews

Updated on January 4, 2013

Dermablend Customer Reviews

Today, our product review will focus on Dermablend Cosmetics. The line fits into a category know as concealment or corrective cosmetics. The products are formulated to hide skin flaws such as redness, bruising, discolorations, scars, post surgical lines and markings, Rosacea, and even acne. Some women have even reported great success using it to cover an unwanted tattoo!

The concept sounds like a godsend however it is important to do a little testing and independent research to answer a few primary questions that most women would be interested in.

  1. Do the products leave behind any kind of residue?
  2. Do they work across a variety of skin types and tones?
  3. What about sensitive skin?
  4. How does the line compare to other similar brands?

My Experience

I decided to be my own first test subject as I have a bothersome scar on my face that is left over from an accident as a teenager. My product of choice for the test was the Dermablend Cover Creme SPF 30 for a larger area of concern and the Dermablend Covert Duet Corrector for the smaller, detailed areas.

The Cover Creme comes in a variety of shades which gives you great flexibility to match it with your natural skin tone. I would best describe it as a smooth, light foundation with flawless finish. It is extremely easy to blend and hides even the most prominent imperfections. I would describe my results as nothing less than outstanding! I was impressed with how gently the product went on while still masking my area of concern. Best of all, I never had that heavy feeling like I had layered on a traditional foundation.

Several other concealing products I've tried in the past have produced a good result but have felt like I was wearing a mask. This product felt completely natural and didn't enhance the visibility of pores and fine lines as some others do. I was able to easily match my skin tone and certainly enjoyed the added benefit of the 30 SPF sun protection. Much to my surprise; it left behind no residue whatsoever!

I recruited my sister as my next test subject since she has very fair skin and has traditionally had a very difficult time finding a product that is gentle enough for her skin yet produces favorable results. She had recently read an article about Dermablend cosmetics and was eager to try the line. We were able to find a tone to match her skin color almost perfectly and as expected, it left her looking flawless. I knew that the true test would be in how her skin reacted to the product as she has been known to develop skin irritations from products as simple as mineral makeup. After three days of use, much to both her satisfaction and mine; no reaction. I think we have a winner!

Overall, I was impressed with the performance of the line and give it 4 1/2 stars out of a possible 5. The only improvement that I would like to see them make is to expand their offering in some smaller and more portable packages. This product is perfectly suited to quick, on-the-go touch ups and mid-day refreshers so a smaller travel-size option would be very useful.

Dermablend Customer Reviews

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    • profile image

      Dotty 4 years ago

      I would not recommend Dermablend at this point. A big part of a company's reputation is tied to their Customer Service. I have been very dissatisfied with Dermablend in this regard. Despite their claims of fast and easy exchanges if you need another color or product, I have yet to receive either the exchanged product OR any feedback from the company on the status of this product. I have attempted to get information regarding it for over 2 months now. From what I was told, there is only one person responding to emails; if she is out of the office for any length of time, any correspondence with the company is put on hold. This includes any response regarding money paid to the company. At this point, the usefulness of the product (of which, I have no idea of, as I cannot get any product back from them to test) diminishes against the frustration of trying to get ANY kind of service. I am totally dissatisfied and would try to just get my money back from them completely, if I could. At this point, I’m not sure if I should contact my credit card company and dispute the charges or continue to wait for my product to arrive.

    • profile image

      Lonely days 5 years ago

      I really wanna try this product! I have an unknown scar/birth mark right above my butt. Wanna cover it :)

    • profile image

      MonisaCole 7 years ago

      I use to like dermablend a lot. It just seems lately like it it very heavy and too cakey. I used it in the past like a light foundation.

    • profile image

      brianne  7 years ago

      heyy, i've got a cafe-au-lait birthmark on my leg & it's darker than my skin..could i cover it up with dermablend? please answer. kthanks. (:

    • profile image

      Sonya 8 years ago

      Well, Luzvi let me tell you that the best you can do is going to a consultant. I went to Manhattan's Macy's on labor day, and the lady there found my exact tone. The product really works well.

    • profile image

      Luzvi 8 years ago

      I am eager to try dermablend but it's hard to know what colour is appropriate in my skin. I spend a lot of foundation, concealer and face powder just to hide my white pigmentation or my vitiligo there's nothing works. Hope anyone can gives any advice.