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Dermalogica Reviews

Updated on March 23, 2011

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Dermalogica is a well-known skin care treatment recommended by doctors all over the world. Dermatologists have written Dermalogica reviews detailing a certain product’s effectiveness and personally telling their patients to use them.

Researched and developed by the International Dermal Institutes, Dermalogica is available in 40 countries all over the world. They have a large number of products with a wide variety of uses. Skin care is such an important concern for most people that knowledge of what to use and whether they’re any good is important to have. Knowing what other users think of Dermalogica and what their experience with their products were like will help you determine if you should give them a try or whether there may be risks involved.

Review of Dermalogica Products

When asked, dermatologists will often say that Dermalogica products are very straightforward in their approach and that’s how they like it. Compare a Dermalogica product with another cosmetic product of the same nature and you’ll immediately notice the difference in their packaging. While most other skin care products go for the razzle-dazzle approach and try to draw consumers in using colors as bait, Dermalogica has a very distinctive black and white theme. Nearly all of their products only carry a simple name logo and information about the product itself printed on their containers. User reviews indicate that they like this simple theme too and point out that this also reflects the no-nonsense effectiveness of their product line.

For every skin concern you may have, you can bet that Dermalogica has developed a treatment for it. It doesn’t matter if you have dry skin, oily skin, or combination skin, Dermalogica has product designed especially for you.

Dermalogica reviews are often rated at 4 or 5 stars. It seems consumers and doctors generally agree that Dermalogica products are very effective and are good for their price. Reviews, of course, also mention that they may be a little too expensive for some people but since they are highly recommended by doctors, they are quite worth it. Some of the most popular and most reviewed Dermalogica products are their Special Cleansing Gel, Daily Microfoliant, Oil Contorl Lotion, and MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque.

Today's Skin Care Products

Skin care is a very important part of how the modern world functions. It’s expected of you to devote a significant portion of your personal hygiene routine to taking care of your skin. Eating good food is only one part of it and mostly people dismiss even that part as negligible. What really catch people’s attentions when it comes to skin care, though, are cosmetics.

Products sold on the market which claim to be able to help you with your skin problem or, at the very least, help you maintain good skin. There are literally hundreds of brands for dermatological products; some may even be less than legal in their bid to cash in on the vanity of men and women everywhere.

One of the leading brands in skin care products is Dermalogica. Hundreds of stores, possible thousands, carry Dermalogica products. Developed by the International Dermal Institute, Dermalogica is a skin care treatment designed to solve every skin concern imaginable. They have a lot of different products, targeting every little thing they can possibly think of to help you get good skin. Since they seem to be very good at what they do, Dermalogica reviews become useful in helping one decide which of their products might be good to include in your regimen.

Skin Care Product Reviews

Product reviews have a lot of information in them, even if most user-written reviews are only barely coherent. Glowing reviews for Dermalogica aren’t hard to find. In fact, nearly every review on their skin care products is positive. There are only a handful of negative reviews, scattered on the internet and mostly containing protests on Dermalogica’s expensiveness.

Products from Dermalogica are often not in question when it comes to safeness or effectiveness. Dermalogica reviews are written by users who detail the regimen and how it affected their problems. Prompt response is always mentioned. Reviews praise the products for their all-natural ingredients and like the gentleness of the treatments when applied to the skin. Dermatologists are also very favorable towards Dermalogica products. It’s not uncommon for a consult with one to end in a recommendation of the Dermalogica’s skin care line.

*Dermatologists are good reliable sources for skin care tips so product reviews written by them are always great reads.

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    • profile image

      Shandee 6 years ago

      I've used Epionce lytic facial lotion and the regular moisterizer creams from the Epionce line and bottom line they were always too greasy and cause my face to break out. I just came across the Dermalogica products while in a medspa and have been using the moisterizer/smooth skin and the special gel cleanser. I'm not feeling greasy at all and i'm not breaking out