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Designer Clothes for Kids: Halloween

Updated on October 5, 2012

Designer clothes for kids are my downfall. I just love them; there is nothing cuter than the little appliques and smocking . . . for girls and boys! Babies and toddlers are usually the best ages for these, since older kids tend to go for the t-shirts and jeans. Although it is certainly possible to find them for the primary school age kids. If you get much older than that (unless you have a girly girl), you have to really do some talking. And boys are pretty much a lost cause for those designer clothes by then.

I go for the designer clothes anytime I can afford them, and a really good way to talk yourself into buying them is Ebay. It is always there to resell them! Actually you can make a business out of reselling your designer kids clothes, so I don't worry too much about buying them initially.

Kids Love Holiday Designer Clothes

Don't we love to dress up our kids for the holidays? This is where the designer clothes hit their stride! Nothing is cuter; and the kids love it, too. My kids always had the most fun wearing outfits that announced the season and a new holiday. In fact, even though I don't usually put "buying clothes" into a gift giving category, the holidays are different. Kids absolutely adore dressing up during special holidays, and consider these clothes gifts.

Halloween Designer Clothes for Kids

Holidays are the best times, and I want to share some of my favorite designer clothes for kids with you, starting with Halloween. Sure, we are all interested in what costumes we will get for our kids this year, but that's only for one night, or maybe one night plus a school party. So I like to spend more time on the Halloween designer clothes rather than the costumes. They can wear these for at least a month!

I think MudPie is one of my all time favorite brands for designer clothes for kids. I don’t know who their designers are, but boy do they know the mind of a mother (or grandmother)! I can’t resist them; and the holiday themed outfits beat them all.

Mud Pie Pumpkin Skirt Set

Perfect for the fall season! This adorable set is from Mud Pie's, Trick or Treat collection. A ruffled tulle pumpkin decorates the shirt's front. The skirt is made with layers of orange ruffles, with the patterned leggings sewn into the skirt. The leggings feature black and white stripes on the right leg and orange with white polka dot print on the left leg. This set is so precious; any little girl would be thrilled to wear it!

This cute Mud Pie onsie is great for your baby to get in on the Halloween spirit. Comes in newborn sizes and up.

In order to abide by Hubpages excessive linking rule, I am only including one link in this Hub. If you agree with me, and think these are the cutest clothes ever, just click here to see more, and purchase from Amazon, if you like.


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