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Designer Dresses of the Sixties

Updated on July 24, 2011

Typical dress from the 60s:

Women's dress from the 1960s
Women's dress from the 1960s | Source

Styling The Vintage Dresses Of The Sixties

When you think about designer dresses, the Sixties just have to be brought up. The dresses of the Sixties were (and still are) classics. You can find dresses from this decade in vintage clothing stores and from some retailers online. Some of the styles may even make a comeback if they haven’t already. Below are some of the styles of Sixties designer dresses. It seems that designers back then had a great sense of style, and knew what a woman wanted to wear. See if you agree!

The early Sixties were actually just a holdover from the Fifties, in that women still wore the pleated, full, pencil or swing skirts. Most of the country wore these types of designer dresses well into the 1960s.

Shift dresses with big buttons became extremely popular after Jackie Kennedy hit the scene. Her European sense of fashion and dignified air made the pink Chanel suit the thing to wear when she became the first lady. This trend has carried over to today, and is still popular with successful professional women.

In 1964, a designer named Mary Quant introduced a skirt that would define fashion for years to come: the black mini skirt. The mini was daring, and a big breakthrough for women’s fashion, challenging the times’ predominant conservative attitudes. Most of the miniskirts of the Sixties had a short hemline and an A-line structure, which flattered most women and elongated their legs.

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Varies Styles Of Dresses

The wave that hit the Sixties next was the trend that most people think of when they think of a Sixties designer dresses. The hippie look—conjuring flowing hair, free love and drugs galore—was very popular and very comfortable. The dresses of that time tended to be loose and flowing and evoked an Earth Mother quality. There were even some that were shaped like sacks and tied around the body with a rope-type belt!

After the hippie style became widespread, the quick retaliation was the Mod style. A big hit with the pop art crowd, this simple style leaned towards A-line dresses with simple lines and bold geometric designs.

Whatever your style was in the Sixties, there was a designer dress for every woman. Whether you wanted to look like Jackie O or Twiggy, there was always a style to suit you and your taste.

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