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Isabella Fiore: 5 Fantastic Bags

Updated on April 17, 2011

Isabella Fiore makes some gorgeous handbags, and they seem to sell out almost as quickly as she produces them. There are several styles I would love to get my hands on, but am S.O.L unless they turn up on eBay or somewhere similar. She's probably my favorite handbag designer - the bags are like a work of art, you almost want to stick them on the mantel and oooh and ahhh over the colors and textures.

If you want a really stunning Fiore bag, you want to go retro, and the best way to do that is shop online. Her stuff is everywhere on various handbag websites; a little searching and you'll find something that suits you perfectly. And, if you go retro by a few years or more, you can find one for a reasonable price - the new ones average between $500 and $700.

Isabella Fiore Crocheted Hobo

This comes in several colors, but the green is my favorite. Would you look at how this baby glows? I'm not even fond of floral motifs, but I love this bag. The hobo style is rarely out of style, and the boho design is always a favorite. The contrasting colors are really mesmerizing, you can't help but adore this thing. Goes best with jeans, obviously, and nothing too far out in color - you want to be noticed, not stared at in horror.

Cost: $395

Isabella Fiore Pearlized Leather Hobo

I wouldn't really say I'm a fan of powder blue, but it works in this example. The white on blue is very feminine, yet doesn't scream frou-frou like some bags do. You could see this on anyone, really. It would look great with blue jeans, denim skirts, etc. Despite being leather, the purse still manages to look quite delicate, and the tassels are sure to remind you of your majorette days. This bag could be worn by just about anyone.

Cost: $695

Isabella Fiore Cutout Leather Hobo

If you're more the subtle type who just wants to do her shopping without being gawked at, this is more the bag you're looking for. Gorgeous lines, gorgeous contrast, but nothing so unusual that someone would stop and ask you about it. The glossy leather is a testament to the high quality and the color choice is really very sophisticated. Easily adjusted shoulder strap with trendy rings on either side. If you're a sexy leather boots kind of girl, this is your bag.

Cost: $495

Isabella Fiore Tula Tote

If you're more Breakfast at Tiffany's than Almost Famous, this bag is beautiful. I mean, really, it's just that elegant. It doesn't have that tacky quilt thing going on that so many designers obsess over - this pattern is the perfect blend of sleek and sophisticated. What's more, almost anyone could get away with it. You could see this on a socialite, or SoHo hippie chick - assuming she had the dosh to pay for it. Most of us don't, but hey, we can drool, right?

Cost: $695

Isabella Fiore Charm Hobo

This is very cute, and very dainty. Personally, I don't think I'm frou-frou enough for this bag, but if you've got that girlie girl thing going on, this could be the bag for you. I have seen it in green, but I think the red style is the nicer of the two. It's a compact little thing, and you wouldn't be able to fit the kitchen sink into it, but it would be perfect for a late dinner with a very sexy man.

Cost: $650


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