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Designer Handbags: Know Your Style

Updated on February 16, 2018

A Designer Handbag is More Than an Accessory

A good handbag is more than an accessory, it is the one defining accessory of the woman's wardrobe. It not only serves as a place to put the stuff of daily life, but it also lets the world know just who you are. Many women decide to go designer as a means of expressing their own uniqueness. Maybe it's a Mary Francis by the United States designer of the same name, or a creation of Italian designer Miuccia Prada like the Miu Miu. With so many styles, each its own unique statement, you can be sure to find a handbag to help express your individual personality.

Maybe you want a sleek and elegant look like a Fendi handbag. Fendi's most well-known design is the baguette. Because they use a variety of materials, including goatskin and high-quality, luxury leathers, this design offers many different options for self-expression.

Or maybe you're more interested in wearing a bag that's more than just a bag but instead a work of art. If so, try a Mary Francis. This San Francisco designer doesn't just make a purse, she makes art, jewelry, and a statement. All over the world you'll find her lovely designs of beaded elegance on the shoulders or in the palms of celebrities. And why not? These bags mix whimsy and glamour and combine them into shapes that are a work of talent and imagination.

Listed among Mary Francis's signature work is a handbag called "The Bombshell," which is a bag for evening that holds a style that is unable to be mimicked. Its easy wrist strap offers the advantage of leaving the hands-free while still remaining an evening bag that is both elegant and stylish. The beaded design of the bag uses seed beads, dangling beads, and rhinestones, using beige and brown tones to create something stunning.

Ladies Handbags - Some Great Examples

Some of Mary Francis handbags maintain their elegance while incorporating greater levels of fancy. Handbags such as the "Aria" use only velvet and enameled flowers which are then dramatically foregrounded with puffs of far and rhinestones. What woman wouldn't love to hold a bit of whimsy in her hand if only for a little while?

If you love leather and stylish metal, the Miu Miu collection might be for you. Miu Miu handbags match any outfit's color, and the leather is of course of the high-quality that we've come to expect from this designer. Whether it is the super spacious Miu Miu bag or the pochette with a tiny crocodile print, and amazing array of design and color is in store for you.

Once you put your hands on the extraordinary the ordinary seems just that, ordinary. Why settle for less? There's only one you, and your handbag to tell your story. Whether it is a Hobo backpack or a 1.5 inch Miu Miu pochette, you're sure to find a design to illustrate yourself. You can even pick up a bag with a wrist strap or small clutch, or even a bag with no strap at all.

In the universe of popular designer handbags, there's a bag out there for everyone. Whether it is the intricate detail of Mary Francis or the sleek elegance of Miu Miu, you'll find a color and shape that expresses your personality. There have even been bags that mimic crocodile skin and snakeskin but are instead made out of leather, and then sewn elegantly to achieve a unique effect of pattern. There is a bag out there for every person, and all of their roles and moods. With these accessories as the foundation of your wardrobe, you will make a real impact. Your bag will become more than necessity, it will be a piece and an extension of yourself.

What Designer Do You Prefer

If you could only choose one of the many designer handbags on the market, which designer would you go for?

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