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Designer Jeans for Moms

Updated on March 6, 2015

Can Moms be Stylish?

Hey moms! Just because you've had a child or two doesn't mean that design and sexiness is ancient history. You don't even have to reach your pre-pregnancy weight to be able to enjoy many flattering styles. Particularly with respect to jeans.

If anything is a give-away that you may have given birth, its the wrong style of jeans! High-waisted, tapered, light washed denim - aack!! Give those away right now! Come with me as we review some of the many designer jeans on the market - in a variety of price ranges - to fit all bodies and lifestyles!

What Designer Jeans Styles are Most Flattering on Moms?

Before you buy a pair of designer jeans, you need to be realistic with respect to the size and shape of your body. Even if you are slim, you may carry your weight differently after having a baby. Extra low cut jeans may not be ideal, as they may result in "muffin top."

Consider the following elements of designer jeans:

  • Rise just below your belly button (not too high, but not too low)
  • Darker wash - will be more slimming and flattering
  • Full length - cropped pants tend to make you look heavier
  • Flare or boot cut is usually the most flattering as it balances weight at the top
  • Stiff denim, as opposed to stretch may not cling - make sure you buy the right size for comfort!
  • Pocket placement on the back - larger, angled pockets tend to minimize your rear, as opposed to small pockets

Not Your Daughter's Jeans - Approx. $128
Not Your Daughter's Jeans - Approx. $128

Not Your Daughter's Jeans (aka Tummy Tuck Jeans)

These designer jeans are amazing! If you can handle the title (Tummy Tuck), then you will love the way they look and feel. The website claims that you can wear one size smaller, and that it will lift your butt and flatten your stomach!

They are available at Nordstrom in a variety of styles, washes, lengths and embellishments. If you shop at Nordstrom stores, a salesperson can help you find the best fit that will be flattering on your body shape. However, if you do not live near a Nordstrom, you can always shop online for "Not Your Daughter's Jeans."

Seven for All Mankind Dojo Jeans
Seven for All Mankind Dojo Jeans

Seven for All Mankind

Seven for All Mankind is probably THE designer you think of when it comes to designer jeans. But not all styles may fit the body of a post-pregnancy mom. Three words: TRY THEM ON! Be really realistic about how they fit - right then and there, and don't tell yourself that they'll fit better when you lose those last 10 pounds.

One style that I think is particularly flattering on moms is the "Dojo" Wide Leg Stretch, shown to the right. The dark wash, and trouser-like cut is very flattering. Pockets on the back have dark navy embroidery, adding interest, but not calling too much attention to your rear end. The price is around $150, and Nordstrom offers alterations to hem the length to your specifications. You may be able to find these designer jeans through eBay or other outlets for less!

Big Star Mia Stretch Boot Cut Jeans
Big Star Mia Stretch Boot Cut Jeans

Big Star Jeans


Big Star Jeans are the designer jeans answer to non-designer jean's prices. Typically under $100 - much cheaper than their couture counterparts, these are a real bargain! Shown to the right are the Big Star Mia Stretch Boot Cut Jeans. One reviewer on a separate website enthused that these jeans were just perfect for her, as she is in her 30s, and it was difficult for her to find trendy jeans that were not too trendy for her age. These jeans seemed to fit the bill!

As always, try them on to make sure you get the right size and style for your body. Shopping for jeans is a very personal, particular experience.

You can find Big Star Jeans at The Denim Shop, among other online stores.


Miss Me Boot Cut with Fleur de Lis Rhinestone Embellishment
Miss Me Boot Cut with Fleur de Lis Rhinestone Embellishment

Miss Me Jeans

This brand is my personal favorite of designer jeans! As the mom of four kids, I am pretty picky about what kind of denim I wear! I always get compliments when I wear the jeans, and they cost less than $100. The jeans shown on the right is from the spring 2008 collection, and I'm thinking about going shopping right now! How cute are those?

What I like about Miss Me jeans is that they are affordable, trendy without looking like you are trying too hard, and not super low cut. They are comfortable to wear, too. A very simple wash and wear pair of jeans.

I have found these designer jeans at a local boutique, but they are also available online, or in other retail outlets.

Expert Village - How to Buy Designer Jeans

Finding a pair of flattering designer jeans is not impossible for women over age 30! You'll have to take some time, try some different styles on, and take a good hard look in a three-way mirror. There are so many great brands out there that can make you look younger and hip. Bring along a girlfriend and have some fun shopping! You may just feel like a teenager again!


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    • profile image

      mike 3 years ago

      I love seeing miss me jeans on women .. I also love to wear them myself i was wondering how women would feel if i wore them in public. Totally straight guy who love love love loves miss me jeans for me and her !!!!

    • profile image

      Lisa 3 years ago

      I am 37 and I love wearing sexy jeans ! . Miss me jeans are my new favorite , My husband and i both love them , How they look and feel . ! Yup i said husband he also wears some of the miss me jeans and he looks sexy in them !

    • profile image

      Cindy 5 years ago

      hey just because we had children and most of us are middle aged why cant we wear skinny jeans, if we can pull it off, they are in trend now aren’t they, and I think moms we should wear jeans which we look stylish in rather than jeans that are made for older women.

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      Glad I stumbled on this site. Some great advice to helping me buy my girlfriend jeans for her birthday. I found an awesome site called

      They sell Miss Me, True Religion, Hudson, Paige, etc... all her favorites.

      They have some of the best prices I have ever seen. Anyone else know any other good sites for jeans?

    • profile image

      Karyn 6 years ago

      Loving these jeans! was a great recommendation. I bought a pair of boot cuts for $40!!! You girls are awesome!

    • profile image

      Sandra from Ohio 6 years ago

      I love the Miss Me Jeans lineup. I found a great resource at I found 3 pair and in total, I paid $105. Hope it helps your searching for a perfect pair.

    • profile image

      Ava 6 years ago

      Love it

    • profile image

      mommy of 3 in late 30's 7 years ago

      I just discovered the "Miss Me" jeans a couple of months ago...with the strong prompting of our 20-yr old daughter. I was SHOCKED! I actually am still amazed that they look so good. I kept seeing so many other moms and older ladies wearing these jeans and just thought they were all SO skinny that they looked good....WRONG! The jeans just make you look so joke! I have become crazy about them and now bought over 15 pairs....hadn't been wearing jeans for years (8) because of the 3 baby thing and figured I just couldn't look good anymore. My husband thinks I look completely HOT, HOT, HOT! I am now a believer that designer jeans are different for a reason. THese Miss Me's hold their shape wear after actually have to remember to wash them because they don't lose their shape no matter what! One word of advice...these are all HAND STITCHED so even the same style with the same size may fit slightly tighter or looser than another. EBAY is the place to buy these....they are $98-$108 on the miss me website but I've bought them for $50-$75 on ebay...awesome!!!!!

    • profile image

      joe 7 years ago

      I am 25 years old and i love seeing older hot moms in good looking jeans! you hot moms are exactly that HOTT!! thank you for wearing them. I love it so much i bought a pair of women jeans myself to wear and i love the way they feel on me !

    • profile image

      Nakojua 8 years ago

      All these Jeans are Extremely Cute! My moms Birthday is Coming up and she wants new jeans but I'm stuck on what to get her, she has a petite body and it's just a hard choice to make. Does anyone have any advice on what their favorite type of jeans are??

    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Hi Kristin! Thank you. As a mom and frequent jeans wearer, this was a fun topic for me.

    • kristinmedved profile image

      kristinmedved 9 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      Literally stumbled across your page on Google, and so glad I did! Great tips! I am going to subscribe!! Thanks:)

    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Thanks epictruth! I will double check the video and replace if I need to. Thank you - Steph

    • epictruth profile image

      epictruth 9 years ago from Frisco

      Great hub! Just a heads up but the video doesn't seem to be working anymore.

    • mrs know it all profile image

      mrs know it all 9 years ago from The Windy City Suburbs

      great hub Steph, I love the Miss Me. I'm going to check them out as there's a store near my house! I struggle with Muffin top. LOL

    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 9 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      Thanks. The NYDJ jeans are very comfortable - but I hate the name.

    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Thanks Ripplemake and Blogger Mom! Blogger Mom- Old Navy has some great, hip styles, so I hope you're enjoying those too! Cheers!

    • Blogger Mom profile image

      Blogger Mom 9 years ago from Northeast, US

      Jeans are an every day thing here in my house. I'm still not where I want to be post-pregnancy, so I've been sticking to Old Navy until I get to my right size. I'm definitely bookmarking this page for when that happens! =)

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 9 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I love wearing jeans Steph :-) thanks for these tips.

    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      Thanks Kathryn and Monitor! My biggest mistake is to buy without trying on - never again! I can wear one size in one brand and completely different in another brand. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • monitor profile image

      monitor 9 years ago from The world.

      More great shopping ideas. Thank you. Mon.

    • Kathryn Vercillo profile image

      Kathryn Vercillo 9 years ago from San Francisco

      Great advice here. I think finding the right jeans is hard for everyone so it's always good to see some tips on how to do it!