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Designer Scents

Updated on August 23, 2016
Watercolor Copyright Ruth Elayne Kongaika
Watercolor Copyright Ruth Elayne Kongaika

Every morning I am bombarded with artificial scents. There is the flowery smell of the soap or clothes softener I used when washing my sheets. Also, there is the disinfectant spray that I use in the bathroom to keep the germs away, and also the body soap I keep in the soap dish. I have a couple of fragrant candles by the bathroom sink in case the lights go out (which they do quite often in our little town).

When I brush my teeth, I smell the minty flavor of the toothpaste. Then there is the furniture polish I used to clean the drawer I keep my undies in. On top of that there are bottles of lotions and various colognes beside my jewelry box. Have we all gone too far with scents? Can’t anything just smell like itself? If left to their own scent, most cleaning products would smell like chemicals. But other things like wood furniture would be quite pleasant. Aren’t we allowed to smell things the way nature made them? Mind you, in some houses, it is good that they have such a thing as air fresheners.

How would you like to have your own designer scent? It would be having something that no one else had. Do you think you are more fruity, flowery or spicy? There are perfumers who can create a scent entirely for you . They set before you about 100 vials of aromatic oil. You have the opportunity to sniff each one and single out one that you think smells like you. Some smell grassy or herbaceous. Others might remind you of being in paradise, usually floral. Some may repulse you, while others may arouse you. It may be difficult to choose only one scent for yourself, so they can actually mix a few together.

While you smell the aromas, you fill out a questionnaire. You rate the scents and put comments to express what it reminds you of. Memories of your childhood or recent past might influence how you perceive the scents. But, if you are going to wear a scent, it probably is best that you do not smell like pumpkin pie or baking bread all the time. Some scents may trigger memories of places and times long since gone, as well as certain people you have had relationships with, positive and negative.

After having your very own designer scent created, then you get to give it a name. I imagine that it would be similar to choosing a name for a baby. There are so many possibilities, and since it will be with you the rest of your life, you need to choose carefully. Names like rain, stream, river, etc. come to mind. Or, perhaps luscious, gorgeous, and heat. Well, you can use your imagination on this.

My olfactory nerves seem to work overtime. I am very sensitive to perfumes, and when I smell one that I particularly like on someone, I usually ask them what it is. I won’t tell you the cologne that I love for my husband to wear, but it is disturbing when I am near another man that wears the same scent.

One day, when I am famous, I would like to create my own designer scent. Until then I will just stay with my favorite, Wicked Wahine , even though the name may be a bit derogatory (wahine in Hawaiian means "girl"). I’m not really a bad girl; I just like the scent.


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  • perfumelover profile image

    perfumelover 8 years ago

    I'm kind of like you in that too many strong scents are a little overwhelming for me. But I do love subtly applied fragrances. Also the idea of creating my own with aromatic oils seems fun--and actually the possibility is not too far off considering the number of bespoke fragrance boutiques and services out there! ;)

  • profile image

    Liana 8 years ago

    Lately I have been enjoying a scent I found @ walmart. Surprisingly it is of my favorite scents in hawaii. Guess it reminds me of home and that's why I like it so much.